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B2C e-commerce is more suitable for career development,

from the qualitative perspective, the process of spreading to all in the field of mobile Internet, will affect the decision-making and the development of these industries, and even change the ecological environment of the industry and the way of doing things.

B2C e-commerce requires excellent marketing capabilities,

I and many webmaster, in order to make money, to join the Taobao customer, do Wangzhuan, use network technology to build a website, through commissions and advertising is very easy to make money. However, we all know that some time ago sh419 ranking adjustment, and now Taobao’s profit margins are indeed very small. Therefore, I am looking for e-commerce and other channels to make money, want to in the fierce environment to strangle a storm looking for another sky. After the friend’s advice, I found B2C e-commerce more profit space, and it can be called the cause. One reason is by years of experience in product sales Wangzhuan, not a difficult thing. Two is B2C e-commerce, need to start from the grassroots, and most of the webmaster, as before the accumulation of funds is not much, contacts are relatively poor. But since I’ve run a Taobao store before, it can be the starting point for my B2C e-commerce. read more

How to use the web log analysis tools to view log


fourth is a picture of the major search engines to your site spider IP.

pictures together, hoping to help those who just do stand friends. Some friends want to ask this is what web log query analysis software please reply message in the Shanghai dragon 1912 blog, I will give you the answer.

is the last page crawl, please see third pictures, here each page detailed major search engine spiders crawl, a lot of friends every day to update the article, but are not included, here you can check whether the spider has come, have not included you have to rethink your article whether the acquisition or pseudo original is not high quality is poor. read more

How to obtain the high efficiency in the domain name registration in (two)

many friends will consider love Shanghai weight problem when cybersquatting, some argue that the domain name registration does not need to consider the Shanghai love weight, because love itself is a virtual Shanghai weight value; and another part of the view that cybersquatting must consider love Shanghai weight, because this is a site in Shanghai in love the impression of value. The author thinks that the domain name can be appropriately concerned in Shanghai love weight value registration process, because love itself is the weight value of Shanghai and rely on the flow of ascension, but the flow is through the ranks to identify, so love Shanghai weight or is of great importance for the common domain name, at least in the domain name before the expiration date for a judge the value of the site is still relatively high, so that we can love Shanghai appropriate reference weight, not to be ignored, love Shanghai weight under the same condition, the higher we can register the domain name. read more

The inquiry platform chain experience sharing do not ignore the 58 questions and answers

believe that many webmaster friends interested in the use of inquiry platform outside doing chain. In my daily work, to do at least fifty answers in a question answering platform. Then second days can query the chain a lot. I ask others in learning experience, found that they take advantage of the platform is love Shanghai know, Search ask, question and answer, one point is to ask Sina and even answer etc..

Dear webmaster

love Shanghai quiz links have deep feelings. Especially some small business small website, if successful with several links in Shanghai love quiz, the consequences will be very serious. I swam this experience, received a single enterprise website, the snapshot has been two months without updates, I love Shanghai know within three days six added the link to the site, and the six top quiz. As long as you search for the enterprise website, in the collection of love Shanghai know that you are my monopoly. The next result is fourth days this enterprise website snapshot update, and keywords ranking rose sharply. Originally five keywords over 100 four in the home page. I had to sigh, love Shanghai too care about their children. Perhaps a coincidence, but examples of this in my hand appeared three times, the chain of love can let Shanghai know a snapshot of the enterprise website update immediately. read more

Look at your software bugs mass is down right now

The chain

good website, but most of the content for the original, the original substance more sites, search engine sites included the possibility is bigger, for collecting stations or mostly overload the substance of the station, so the station to the user, rather than to the big network station. Until now I stand in the daily collection will increase, should be aware of the weight of the site is still good, but after the low weight site inspection, so check the website of the specific problem is still what? In a word, the essence of good, need not worry about being right down, this site is Chong Shanghai dragon friends, although the content is collected, but there are a lot of original content, to ensure the quality of the content is the premise. read more

Mechanical product station optimization and user experience should pay attention to the details

what is most concerned about consumer access to website? It is the price of the products, and maintain the quality of materials used. Drizzle website is the demand from the consumer to start, in the customer service channel page, divided into the following several sub channels. And the picture + text + video mode, the full range of answers to users lock price, installation and maintenance of the parking spaces to answer doubts. At the same time, according to the general consumers are more concerned about the problem, put it in the home page, so that consumers can easily find demand content. read more

My opinion on Taobao keywordA generation of shoe king BELLE to HKEx founder of overall cash privatiz

July 17, 2017, BELLE international privatization plan approved by the shareholders by 98%, will be delisted from the Hong Kong exchange for HK $53 billion 135 million valuation, close to the market value of HK $52 billion 300 million on the first day of 2007; and compared with the February 2013 peak, the market value has shrunk more than nearly 60%. Appearance of the brilliant and lonely dim contrast, it is inevitable to make people sigh.

in addition, we blog this model promotion products rarely, so our product category selected, we must choose this category under the boutique. The conversion rate is high. read more

Let old enterprise stand optimization study

this template, of course not to discuss the extreme is not conducive to optimizing the website template. From the beginning of the contact optimization, good web site templates, reasonable layout, can let the enterprise stand optimization effort. Especially in the last few months, the hands of a plurality of enterprise site monitoring, confirmed this speculation of the author. As a typical case, there are three parking lock site the author hands, the first domain was 2 years old, the chain is widely related to the number of original articles related to occasional illustrations, but the main keywords ranking of parking lock to tepid, basically did not enter the home before three. read more

How to talk to Shanghai Dragon Technology into real income (on)

service onto the network: there will be more and more big development space on the Internet after traditional service. Ten years ago, we certainly do not believe that can through the Internet.

many webmaster learned Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether some small details or strategies have certain harvest, this time is the use of a good time Shanghai dragon profit, if you have a wealth of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, so in the end how to convert the Internet now in such fierce competition? The industry, from scratch to a piece of heaven and earth is not so simple, but there is still a chance forever. read more

How to do the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Dragon

3. readings try to fill in the authoritative website.

needs to be emphasized, in your description of a product, must stand in the industry point of view, the official words, very authoritative Encyclopedia of love. Don’t use a large segment of the subjective nature of advertisements, even if it can be passed, there were also reports that would likely rival, naught.

3. description must be objective.

I was in 2011 May because the promotion of company’s products, can contact the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, perhaps the real operation is 1-2 months later, only maintenance, the entry position has been very in front, here I will take me to do product as an example, what I do is Wikipedia entry. read more