Speculation is not random. According to the webmaster of trouble

some time ago has been learning website hype promotion of knowledge, the site also has a general understanding of speculation. But the real speculation into the web to go, or worse. To write "how to promote the website through the hype", many friends questioned me, you write these articles do not use this way to promote your website? I have been thinking about how to answer this question, but in fact, if the site is really large promotional hype is need to do a lot of preparation the need is the webmaster strategizing, considering all the factors and the impact of the implementation of this method. In the absence of planned control speculation in everything, can not fully grasp the webmaster, remember not to act rashly, though there are many methods but still need to force. The following promotion of the site should pay attention to the promotion of a simple description. Hope to be able to play the role of a little help.

hype keyword planning

website needs to be found to interact with the Internet users need to interact through the discussion of the way to make a hot topic. Keywords in website promotion choice not only occupies an important position in the technology of SEO, on the site of speculation, because of the nature of the site is not the same, the market environment is not the same as the hot words on the Internet only selection, and according to the needs of the speculation website brand strategy, the choice of keywords allows enterprises to maximize the information exposure to obtain the best communication effect. In fact, the hype for the site, have to learn from the entertainment hype experts.

analysis focused on population

The different positioning of the

site determines the scope of the audience. When the site is in the hype, it is necessary to analyze the cultural level, age, hobbies and other characteristics of the consumer groups and consumer groups to be faced by the website and the website. If not from their own website to find a breakthrough point can be considered on site audience, portal website or community of grafting combination, to achieve the purpose of attracting the audience. To achieve the best effect, the hype.

can mobilize the curiosity of users

curiosity is one of the most important factors that people are interested in. Only lift the net friend to hype the time to stimulate curiosity, knowing how things can trigger the instinct of Internet users actively participate in this matter. Of course, in addition to lift the curiosity, starting from the interests of the users can placement is closely related to the problem of the incident. People full of curiosity and interest in this matter in positive return card and performance of this matter is filled with righteous indignation. Only part of the first part of the curiosity of the people, so that the matter is known to be able to allow more people to participate in. For example, to play the game: a lot of people before the game are ignorant, when someone mentioned, due to curiosity, excitement, fresh will participate in the game.

content is controversial

an event if it is purely praise or criticism is not consistent with the basic conditions of speculation. When a problem can

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