Training institutions network promotion plan

network marketing in order to better carry out the work in 2010, improve school site visits, increase the construction of the school’s own brand, promote market recruitment tasks, but also in order to make the marketing effectiveness maximization, need to combine the employment department, education department, admissions department, business development and other aspects of stereo propaganda. As a systematic marketing project, it is necessary for all departments to participate and assist. The following is the relevant requirements:

, the Ministry of employment support

to support the Outline: to provide employment data, employment case material and corporate employment situation, the employment market trends, employment, employment situation of students, to assist in the promotion of employment content, etc.;

main content:

provides monthly employment report data (basic data of employment, employment, employment, wages and other enterprises without confidentiality), to help the network marketing personnel, consultants understand the students overall salary level and employment status, obtain the relevant information and materials from mining, foreign employment promotion. The employment data report submitted monthly once, by the employment supervisor is responsible for data collection for business development department, provide information not later than 24 days a month. ]

per month

Department of employment should be employment such as excellent employment material: student information, enterprise site recruitment information, employment experience, employment process (first interview to the formal induction time, process, results and experience such as text content), employment story (for students to compare the past and the present, used to wear * * * training organizations the concept, the pursuit of stories) finishing into electronic documents, and provide related materials (Photos), the Department of employment can not be less than 4 monthly presentation, through the Employment Department collected monthly in 24 days ago to facilitate business development, network marketing personnel can grasp the relevant data, maintain long-term publicity content update. ]

per monthPut forward some suggestions and improvement plan to improve the

construction and the content for school employment website column, and monitor the employment section of the content for the employment section of the content of construction and relevant suggestions please organize relevant documents by email, with attachments sent to the Department of business development in charge of the mailbox. Timing]

provides employment news sources and provides monthly employment news. A month of not less than 2, responsible for the Department of employment employment specialist, through the summary information, to provide business development, information not later than 24 days a month to provide the manuscript. ]

per monthThe

Department designated by the employment issue and the employment and recruitment news, notify the relevant through the school website, a week of not less than 2, issued by the competent department of employment designated personnel, and shall be put into the examination content. Long term]

for major employment information or recruitment events, the Commissioner for employment should provide information in advance for the career development department to arrange photography and records. Timing]

other promotional materials and promotional materials, such as feedback from the employer

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