May be the most corrupt top creative Durex 2016 micro-blog copy inventory

as a social marketing "flying" old driver, Durex in 2016 is still make efforts, and constantly go beyond the self, leading to a hot spot whenever we first thought or to open the WeChat Search @ Durex micro-blog official, to see if it can turn out what the "rich" pattern. But also a spate of Oolong events in this year, some of the broken heart "in the wild" Durex Xiao Bian even successfully fooled some of the marketing V piercing eye. Then the momentum of Durex in the occasion on how much? Surely the following example is the best proof.

, a hot event to


entertainment hot occasion

0108, # Star Wars: the awakening force # song ying.


0109, tonight (Liu Xiang announces new romance)


0229, Lee Ying (small plum was awarded the Oscar prize)


0304, Wing Chun returned Zhen Kung fu. ("IP MAN 3" released in mainland



0324, # Batman wars Superman # night war day


0520, Ho Ho, Huo (Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin

published romance)


0527, # Alice in Wonderland 2# Du Du, every night is a wonderland.


0527, and you want to completely bedridden didn’t think you were undercover. (American comic team mutiny)


0608, # # you tonight is the two person of Warcraft wow~ or one lol~


is up 0616, take off her clothes, love is a coat for her. (



0711, take your Dudu now! (Pokemon GO in China.



0714, tonight, [day] see people. (Lu Jun know Ma Li released the next day)


0718, >

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