See the little laundry how fun fans economy

now the laundry is generally open in the area at the entrance, the street next to the mall, the scope of services is generally around several small, up to a few hundred meters away, this is the maximum limit of ordinary dry cleaning services, the basic situation of the development of twenty or thirty years which is also home to the dry cleaning industry.

but every industry has some pioneers, they can be combined with some good way out of the latest technological innovation, will expand its business scope to many times larger than the original.

now people use micro-blog, WeChat has been very popular, people have micro-blog, WeChat, and QQ as the most commonly used chat communication, even more than the mobile phone, especially young people are often used.

Guangxi, Nanning, there is a laundry owner to use today’s most popular WeChat marketing, QQ marketing played a fan economy, will expand the scope of their laundry to the entire urban area of Nanning. Nanning City area of at least tens of kilometers, he has two stores can service the entire city of Nanning population. The owner of the laundry is the use of micro-blog, WeChat and QQ and other powerful social features, creating a new model of online laundry.

how did he do that?

1, WeChat appointment to take home to send clothes, online quick payment.

he founded the WeChat public number printed on their own, name, phone in bag off clothes, WeChat two-dimensional code information, your booking service to promote it.

Nanning city users can use micro-blog, WeChat and QQ appointment, if you can enjoy the full 59 yuan free home delivery service. Customers do not have to go out, time-saving, convenient and quick. Customers don’t bother laundromat can order at home easily, WeChat appointment pick to send clothes, with Alipay or credit card UnionPay payment, online shopping as easy as.

this is very convenient for those lazy young people, busy working people, they also very much recognized this form of online shopping laundry service. Not only that, they also like to share their laundry behavior alone, released to the WeChat circle, as well as micro-blog, which also has a very good free publicity for the laundry. "…… Laundry is very serious, the province down the stairs to send clothes, you can play at home watching movies lazy……" "They took my scarf to wash it very clean, and just bought new clothes." "really fast, ten minutes……" They even make it a cool thing to do.

just started this store is not much of the number of WeChat friends, the boss usually take the initiative to add a nearby friend. But most of the friends are attracted by the automatic release of these laundry customers.

2, improve their laundry service quality, pay attention to the user experience.

in order to win a good reputation of customers to attract customers is not a long time, but also a good laundry quality and

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