Website security battle Discuz! Heavy water wall attack

recently, Discuz launched the forum service products – waterproof wall in the micro-blog Forum on the relevant forums and Tencent. This service is Discuz! Should the webmaster, solve a lot of water website posts, advertising posts, posts the violations of the launch, the purpose is to clear the rubbish site information, illegal information, for the owners to lift operation problems.

It is reported that

, Discuz! Waterproof wall is made of QQ security center and Kang Sheng (Comsenz) jointly developed, has powerful spam resistance ability, efficient and accurate processing ability and self learning ability, analysis and data mining by malicious behavior of irrigation machine, garbage information, illegal information quickly and accurately filter the. Waterproof wall is rolled out only 3 months time, stationmaster praise ceaselessly.

Water Post killer – save delete posts time, improve the efficiency of the site


sites have been irrigation machine, advertising machine infringe upon the experience, in order to curb this bad behavior, on the one hand, owners spend a lot of time to manually delete posts, on the other hand by registered post, email verification, verification, validation set in the mobile phone user registration, user or limit the daily amount of post. To do so, although to a certain extent, ease the water, but still can not cure, for the webmaster is a thorny problem. Dong Qinfeng, the founder of the laggards, said that the laggards were one of the first to use Discuz, a waterproof wall, and the effect was very good after use. He said: "the artificial delete high cost and limited registration measures will injure the normal users, affecting the user experience, so the waterproof wall is to help webmasters solve a big problem."


webmaster encyclopedia "desert wolf" founder said: "recently to host the United States detective forum and forum webmaster encyclopedia installed waterproof wall test for two days, the effect is good, can stop a lot of junk post." In addition, there are many webmasters have similar feelings.


is a clear violation of information security escort website

in addition to water posts, advertising posts and other junk information, Discuz can also be used to filter the wall to find Miss, sell guns and sell drugs and other illegal information, is to ensure that the site is an effective tool for information security, the normal operation of the site. Chop music, Xu Song forum and other sites on the waterproof wall this service is very satisfied, and expressed their feelings by micro-blog.



at the same time, Jingmen community owners, sea water taste, said: for several months, the site has been attacked by rogue software, a little inattentive was brushed

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