Google Analytics will join the new AdWords Report

AdWords offers a variety of ways to track the performance of your ad accounts, but most of them focus on clicks. However, it’s just as important to understand what happens when people click on an ad, which is just as important as evaluating a AdWords account. In May 4th, at the San Jose Conference on eMetrics, we just released a new AdWords report in Google Analytics to help you figure out the problem.

Google Analytics in the new AdWords report will give you more visitors click on the situation after the ad. For example, suppose that you want to see if the potential consumers who search for keywords that match the keywords are more interested in the content of the site than those who have entered the site from a wide range of keywords. Then you can look at all the keywords in the new report and click on the ad group and the promotion plan. You can also see the number of pages visited by the group of visitors and the average time spent on the site. If you are using the Google Analytics filter report, you can even see the visitors in the purchase process which specific steps to stop the action.

for more information about the use of the new report, see the following video:



if you are going to use the new report, you only need to associate your GA account with AdWords. Simple operation will not repeat them.

we will present the new AdWords report to everyone in the next few weeks, so you may not be able to find it in GA. When you find that there is a AdWords part of the GA traffic source report, you will know that the new report has been added to the account.


hope that these reports will help you more easily assess the success of the promotion plan.

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