Circle of friends advertising is coming! WeChat commercialization of the road is still holding the p

lead: today, WeChat first appeared in the official advertising circle of friends, it seems, the Tencent realized to speed up the pace of


is like looking forward to WeChat phone book like that, it will be, but the circle of friends advertising


today, WeChat first appeared in the official advertising circle of friends, it seems, the Tencent realized the accelerated pace! I think that the next step should be to show that, for the WeChat commercial businesses bidding, the road is no longer veiled.

advertising circle of friends online, WeChat official also gives the attitude: advertising can also be a part of life, advertising is not hateful, but advertising does not understand the user, we try to make some changes.


I learned from the penguin ecology, the WeChat circle of friends advertising form will start from these aspects:

1, graphic form: the circle of friends and common information, WeChat advertising is composed of text and pictures, pictures can be released multiple.

2, link: in the advertisement below the view details link, you can jump to the ad landing page.

3, the circle of friends advertising can be commented, point praise: the same as the normal circle of friends, users can praise the content point, comments, WeChat friends can see comments, points like content, the formation of advertising promotion.

4, promotion logo and shield button: in the upper right corner of the advertising information marked with a promotional logo, after the user selects the screen advertising information.

Tencent now on the distribution of the flow of advertising business is more and more attention, the latest initiative is the circle of friends advertising. The advertising circle of friends is not the Tencent temporarily, after long time evaluation. According to statistics, Tencent in the three quarter of 2014, on the circle of friends advertising revenue has been assessed, the results of the assessment is an annual income of about $10 billion. So it can greatly enhance the advertising revenue of Tencent, Tencent since it will be used.

circle of friends online advertising, circle of friends marketing behavior restricted

online advertising circle of friends, which is another starting point for WeChat: for the outside world to find a standard place to allow businesses to conduct advertising. And the impact of the ecological circle of friends will be rectified, those long-term brush micro business, constantly new micro shop, will be rectified, or eliminated.

users have been melancholy, many relations and WeChat circle of friends. Who will not brush circle of friends in the frequency the buddy, now micro business is so hot, not worth living in the basic circle of friends in advertising. Today, WeChat is concerned, the introduction of a circle of friends advertising, you can purify and standardize the circle of friends ecological environment, will be more standardized advertising. Perhaps this is the case: micro business, micro shop advertising requires a certain audit, or daily advertising restrictions, but also only to provide a certain condition advertisers. So, I’m not sure, this will be more comprehensive, but for the purification of the circle of friends ecology, restrictions on non-standard marketing behavior is a big

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