Kui Gongbo Chinese cultural creative model and the value of the site

I always think that I am interested in cultural creativity, and I think I have some character in the field. But one day when you suddenly ask yourself, do you know what the cultural and creative industries are? I suddenly fainted, in the end what is the cultural and creative industries ah.

so I searched the Internet for some related concepts:

creative industries CI (CreativeIndustry) is derived from the individual creativity, skills and talents of the industry, through the generation and use of intellectual property rights, and the potential to create wealth and employment opportunities. The creative industry is divided into thirteen categories: advertising, architecture, art and antiques market, crafts, design, fashion design and fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, performing arts, publishing, software and computer services, television and radio. UNESCO: cultural and creative industries are divided into three categories: cultural products, cultural services and intellectual property rights.

cultural products: cultural products refer to books, magazines, multimedia products, software, records, movies, videos, audio and video entertainment, technology and fashion design.

culture service: cultural services include performing services (Theatre, opera and circus), publishing, publications, newspapers, communication and building services.

cultural and creative industries: cultural and creative industries with a variety of small, distributed and other characteristics.

read these things when I think of a lot of things: 1 cultural and creative concept is quite extensive, although this is a popular vocabulary, and advocated for many years, but we are still unfamiliar to her. 2 famous scholar Professor Lin Jintong once talked about similar content, I understand this: the United States a lot of new economic growth point is an idea, such as WWW and youtube. British cultural and creative industries and the number of jobs in the UK industry has become the country’s second pillar industries. If China wants to really walk in the forefront of the world, the development of cultural and creative industries is inevitable, and more cultural creativity from our university education. 3 characteristics of cultural and creative industries let me think of the Internet’s features and features. 4 people have always wanted to do something in the field of cultural creativity, and I have always dreamed of taking some friends to play together, with creativity and inspiration back to create value for more people.

uses search engines to search for keywords in cultural and creative industries.

Communication University of China cultural and Creative Industries Research Center, is a kind of information release and display platform, mainly to publish some news and research results. China’s cultural and creative industries, but also a news website. The Bobbi cultural and creative network and vision in China in terms of content and organizational form is relatively enhanced interactivity, but still the main mode of information dissemination. Also includes a number of advertising companies and other sites, but also the main information release and display.

more than the model, I put the

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