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"attention economy" for the development of NGO to provide sustained power!

in Chinese, difficult to make people do charity, charity is more difficult, especially after " Jocie Guo Lu Meimei " a man with charity banner, after doing business. And China charity was rocking the damage that can be " " loss;!

but the world population is still poor because of the economic crisis in the unceasing increase, people still need help for children to learn: eyes deep in the mountains worn in the classroom; the hospital lying on the bed, no money for treatment of patients; because of the disaster and poverty without bread to rescue fellow villagers see; a list of https://love.alipay.com/donate/index.htm, we should have a sense of urgency: we can not because of a negative ten, I want to raise money for charity.

my plan, in general, is to " charity business " to operate the "attention economy" in exchange for money, and then to achieve the goal of public funds.

first talk about:

what is charity business?

is a non-profit organization, but also as the operation of the company, business activities, but their business is not for the purpose of profit, business generated profit, excluding the cost of all inputs to charity. A specific example is: Bill and · the foundation of the Gates, they not only accept donations, but also to invest in stocks to make a profit, but the proceeds are used only for charity.

what is "attention economy"?


‘s famous Nobel Laureate, ·, also pointed out that "with the development of the, the value is not the message, but the attention." This view is vividly described as "attention economy" by IT and management". In the information society after the explosion of knowledge, attention resources have become scarce economic resources, not only become an important weight in the distribution of wealth (the most direct reflection is the star, celebrity, and business phenomenon) attention resources industries such as media, advertising, sports, the principal mode for the rapid development of high profits, become the emerging industry group. The attention economy is being formed.

I think a successful sustainable "attention economy" charity fundraising project, need to have the following conditions:

1, open and transparent

projects to raise funds must be open and transparent, there must be a clear account and a detailed list of authoritative third party supervision. Openness and transparency are the basic principles of charity, which is the lifeline of charity". The downturn in China’s philanthropy is due to damage to the open and transparent

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