To talk about the acquisition of domain name meaning to the traditional enterprise wading business

traditional enterprise just passable in the traditional channel sales performance is the main reason for these enterprises to test the water and electricity providers, of course, a number of enterprises will collapse The climate does not suit one. able to survive can hardly be avoided, but the enterprise is also There are plenty of people who. Do business or do business website, and looks like a small domain not much, the optimization is nothing more than a little bit of good, many people feel no need to waste a lot of money to buy the domain name, the Jingdong, the name 1 is simply a prodigal. You may feel like me, to engage in investment domain to people who are seeking one generation, but they saved my business, read this story perhaps you’ll understand.

When the original

site, but also listen to some host Huyou, how will do after they preach. At first I didn’t put it in my heart, but there was one thing that moved me. She said that the next few companies are using our services. Now that we have the site, and I can not say anything behind, anyway, can not spend much money, and then pay eight thousand yuan after the tube had not. Site delivery quickly, I looked at it, still quite satisfied, looked at the atmosphere. I thought, big business is nothing more than that, in the heart how many expectations, I hope he can play a big role. With the passage of time, the matter was gradually forgotten by me.

one day, an e-commerce business (domestic more famous) to find me, said he hoped to cooperate with me. At that time, the environment is a lot of traditional enterprises have entered the e-commerce industry, and some have established their own mall, and some do Taobao. I can’t get away with it, I’ve done everything they do. Looking at others a lot of money to make money, I am also very anxious, so the company specializes in opening up the electricity supplier department, the recruitment of talent, involved in the internet. At first, the effect is very good, and gradually more profitable than traditional channels of profit, and so, my management center slowly tilted to e-commerce this.

with the optimization and promotion of investment, adding a variety of marketing channels, visits and the registration has been significantly improved, but little energy consumption, most of them are one-time customer consumption, go. I had no choice but to increase the cost of promotion, especially Baidu bidding, every day can be described as money to spend money like water, slowly profits diluted, my electricity supplier seems to have entered the bottleneck.

later, there is a home to do the domain name service provider found me, she in order to sell my domain name to help me analyze my site. She said my electricity supplier channels no obvious problem, the crux of the problem appears in the brand is not high above. Forget to tell you, I make ceramic sanitary ware products, competition in this industry is too high, it may not have been involved in the electricity business, later found themselves has been inextricably bogged down in. Later, I learned that they are a company specializing in the domain name of the company, is specialized in the domain name business, mainly to some companies need to sell the domain name of the brand and the industry is relatively strong domain name to the enterprise.

at first, they gave the price is very expensive, basically my three months of net profit, I did not promise. Then, slowly,

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