Let the mail for the electricity supplier website to help fly wings (up)


in a variety of ways website marketing, e-mail promotion can be regarded as one of the essential methods, especially in electronic commerce is becoming more and more important, the author will from the email marketing concept, email marketing, email marketing attention these three aspects about how to make email help wings added to the electricity supplier website.


email marketing concept:

The definition of

e-mail marketing is a kind of network marketing means to transfer the value information to the target users by e-mail. Different from that we received spam mail, email marketing must have three elements: user license, e-mail transmission of information, information of value to the users, the kind of trash and we think the mail will generally lack the above three factors in one or more than one, it is not the kind of in the strict sense of network marketing, publicity and so achieve the effect is not so obvious. And then about the marketing skills and marketing considerations for the electricity supplier, must be satisfied with the above three factors of e-mail marketing, will be accurate positioning, successful marketing.

marketing skills:

a, mail address library collection, sorting

to achieve precision marketing, e-mail address must be accurate, to be able to send mail to target customers. So for the collection of mail is particularly important. Then several ways to collect e-mail address:

1 website registered user information

The special requirements of

electricity supplier website registered users need to input the correct e-mail address as the password authentication, to facilitate authentication or receiving verification and so on, the way to collect user mail address open the floodgates wide to


2 site to achieve QQ, micro-blog certification landing and so on

open social platform for the realization of the QQ and micro-blog may realize the login authentication, by this way the user logged in after landing, need to fill out personal information to their browsing commodity information, which will contain personal information in the mailbox, want to say here is the realization of the landing QQ number, is also a kind of the mailbox is worth us to collect;

3 electricity supplier website promotions


electronic commerce website in sales performance is low, often consider a series of promotional activities, in order to attract access, stimulate consumption, and sometimes the price cut will often have a certain stage, today a 95% discount, 90% discount for tomorrow, so similar, at this time add a subscription in the mailbox is next more appropriate, once the price down to each other with the price, there will be such a collection of mail, email address is also significantly.

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