Science and technology start-up companies to replace civil servants into the Chinese young people lo

Tencent financial news, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese government is seeking to create jobs and enhance social mobility.

weekly, China enterprises technological innovation roadshow will lead to a new hot spot in China Asia, stimulate the industry to promote the roadshow technology and innovation attention, and explores the development trend and talent view.

, six years ago, Ye Zhewei was unhappy when his parents expressed their willingness to join a new startup incubator in Beijing after graduating from college, a top university. They don’t even know what technology is, let alone business incubator. But in a news show on national television, Li Kaifu, the founder of the business incubator, agreed with Mr Ye Zhewei’s career choices.

at that time, the most popular place for young graduates is the civil service, state-owned enterprises and large technology companies, such as IBM, Alibaba, etc.. There is no clear future to join venture companies, there will be no high salary.

and now, just like in the United States, high-tech start-ups are the coolest jobs for ambitious young chinese.

is now in the prime time news program on China’s state television, where a routine clip is devoted to promoting innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Premier Li Keqiang, a senior economist, visited three technology companies in Shenzhen in 2015.

in early May, Li Keqiang visited the Zhongguancun area known as the Beijing version of Silicon Valley, and a coffee shop in favor of a scientific and technological entrepreneurs to drink a cup of coffee. He even sent a letter to a group of DIY science and technology enthusiasts, or "off the record", promised to be more attractive to them and that future economic policies have to hit off the factory visit their day.

China government has always been very concerned about the huge infrastructure projects, such as high-speed railway project, the national highway project and can create huge economic benefit of state-owned enterprises, or at least can also be large headlines of the project. And in today’s slowdown in the new normal, it needs to find a job that can create, but also promote social mobility (may be wrong) economic highlights. The rapid development of mobile Internet and technology innovation lively scene just in line with this requirement.

the Chinese government is not just talking about it. Earlier this year, the central government announced a $6 billion 500 million start-up fund. In a press conference in March, a vice minister of science and technology said that by the end of 2014, China has more than 1600 technology business incubators, with more than eighty thousand entrepreneurial projects, employing a total of 1 million 750 thousand employees. The government approved the establishment of a total of 115 high-tech park, with more than one hundred registered companies.

in June this year, the Ministry of science and technology on its website >

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