How to let the baby grass root your inverse data optimization baby title

in the past year (2012) by the impact of sluggish global economic growth, although the overall growth rate of China’s e-commerce market as a whole has declined, but still in the rising stage. According to iResearch statistics show that in 2012 China e-commerce market overall transaction volume of 8 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 27.9%. indicating that a problem is: Although e-commerce market growth slows, but the market is far from saturated. So you want to open up a field in the field of electricity providers friends still have a chance.

as the leader in the field of electricity providers – Taobao, in the past year is still ahead of the lead. In this the largest platform, but also active in the country’s about 5000000 Taobao sellers, most of which are small and medium-sized sellers. How can such a large crowd in the talent shows itself, how to get more opportunities to each small sellers to think of the problem, in the absence of a strong product team, there is no strong financial security situation, many small sellers have to look into the natural flow of the cake. This morning to share some experience, so that those who do not have the technology to get more opportunities for small sellers.

what is the nature of the flow of traffic is the basis of what is the title?. Two simple questions and answers, so that the title of the importance of highlighting the importance of optimization.

is the title of the optimization is to allow the title to get more opportunities to show, get more clicks, thereby improving its click rate. If the click rate is certain. What are the factors that will affect the display of the title?

1 the number of keywords in the title

2 ranking of each keyword

The coefficient of

3 per page (coefficient: the baby is buyers to see the probability in different pages)

4 keyword search.

know the impact of the title to show a number of factors, we are very easy to get the Title Optimization ideas.

1 to the title split keywords. The thirty word title split into as many keywords.

2 will be displayed according to the order of the amount of

3 remove the words that are not displayed or show the least.

may do so that we will not understand a bit, we have a baby through the title case to understand:

summer denim Leggings Korean female fashionista nine Pants XL Leggings fat MM 3 bag mail

below we look at the title of the data:


by looking at the data, we found that the word "Nine" was not a significant contribution to our performance

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