With $100 million he will become a billion dollar business platform from mother to child

[editor’s note] this is an era in the electricity supplier giant, to break through the entrepreneurial platform to become the entrance of one hundred billion platform.

June 2016, a stunning report and a $100 million financing check makes low-key known Beibei grid attention.

As a child

vertical B2C category, Quest Mobile data show that in May the babe network with 11 million 230 thousand active users among the mobile shopping APP million club, after jumei.com 12 million 490 thousand, beyond the mainstream business platform suning.com 8 million 460 thousand and 1 shop No. 5 million 460 thousand, far ahead of similar maternal electricity supplier honey bud 2 million 310 thousand, among the China Mobile electricity supplier TOP6, active users around 2 million, enter the Top5.

founder Zhang Lianglun think that babe, temporarily paragraph in maternal and child category contest. And announced to get the new horizon, the northern lights, Gao Rong capital, a $100 million D round of financing out of today’s capital and other institutions, holding a bill to expand the category, officially entered the platform stage.

as a long-term study of the development of the electricity supplier in the media, the state power grid is very concerned about the child was born in the category of babe network can grow into a comprehensive class B2C pole, also is particularly concerned about the growth path of babe network contains the common business, provide a reference for more in the way of business entrepreneurs.

how to do 4 billion years??

business starts with the success of the argument. We cannot predict the success path of Beibei billion, but from 4 billion of last year’s GMV, you can sort out the success of its rapid rise, which has been verified by experience and mode, is the key to the Baiyiqianyi support.

Taking advantage of

and iterative business model

IDG Capital Partners Li Xiaojun believes that success is in the big trend and the big era, created by entrepreneurs. Zhang Lianglun believes that entrepreneurs must flow, in order to win the bonus trend. But each model can only help a course, the key is to find a new wave of new opportunities, the ability to train business models based on the trend of iteration.

babe network over the past two years to seize the two trends: Mobile providers and cross-border imports.

"In 2014 we found

mobile providers overtaking the historical opportunity, the traditional electricity supplier company all products are the preferred way to do PC APP, began to do APP babe."

currently, Justin mobile terminal sales accounted for 95%, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for many companies are also more than half, look all the electricity supplier is mobile providers. But Zhang Lianglun believes that even if these electricity providers do APP, or PC electricity supplier common features, that is, massive commodity, search, pay by the flow.

mobile terminal is characterized by a small screen, the use of extremely fragmented time. Throughout the electricity supplier infrastructure such as warehousing and logistics

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