Luxury electricity supplier Farfetch E round of financing $8600 valuation of $1 billion

Abstract: Russia’s famous technology investor Yuri · founded by investment group DST Global round financing. Farfetch was established in 2008, the total amount of financing has increased to more than 195 million U.S. dollars, becoming a few valuation of the fashion industry reached $1 billion electricity supplier.


London luxury electricity supplier Farfetch announced E round of financing $86 million.

The famous Russian investor Yuri Milner

and Yuri · Milner founded the investment group DST Global lead investor Farfetch round of financing, existing investors Condé Nast International; Kangtai Nast International Publishing Group and led the $66 million D round of financing of the private equity fund Vitruvian Partners LLP with the cast. This will be the total amount of financing since the establishment of Farfetch in 2008 to more than 195 million U.S. dollars, making it a few valuation of the fashion industry reached $1 billion electricity supplier.

Farfetch, the biggest rival luxury electricity giant Net-a-Porter Group2010 by Cie.Financiè re; Richemont SA Richemont acquired the remaining 2/3 equity valuation of 350 million pounds, but according to the latest report of the Swiss bank Bank Vontobel released in early 2014, Net-a-Porter Group market has developed to 2 billion 500 million euros. Another luxury electricity supplier Yoox SpA listed in Italy, according to its closing price of 19.31 euros on Wednesday, its market value of about EUR 1 billion 197 million.

Farfetch founder and CEO José Neves pointed out; but for the recent UK listed electricity supplier showed weak trend, its website valuation will be higher. Britain’s largest fashion electricity supplier ASOS PLC overseas growth rapid cooling, last year released a three consecutive earnings warning, a smaller PLC earlier this year, also issued a profit warning, the share price since 2015, the cumulative decline of nearly 40%. In view of the bursting of the electricity supplier bubble, and Farfetch still failed to achieve profitability, analysts have reservations about the high price of the global fashion boutique sales platform.


injection will help Farfetch continue to promote global expansion, such as the establishment of German, Korean and Spanish sales website, based on the existing international city in Greater London, New York, Losangeles, Oporto and St Paul office, and expand the scope of the date of delivery etc.. Last year, the site has successfully broken through the core markets of the United States and Europe, China, Russia and japan. Jos&>

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