Tmall adjust service rules to increase the logic behind the punishment


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yesterday afternoon, Tmall announced a new standard of service in 2015. The release of the 2015 service rules, the increase in the consumer experience is poor, not honest business penalties, while compensation for vertical segments of the field even more than a number of B2C electricity supplier company. This may mean that after Alibaba IPO, Tmall has become the company’s core business, and regardless of the cost to increase the intensity of support.

first look at Ali have done what adjustments:

1, beauty cosmetics category, for example, Tmall in 2015, the new standard in the new launch of allergy protection service, the user after the purchase of beauty products if allergies, you can apply for return to Tmall.

2, the user to buy fragile items, if damaged, you can also apply to Tmall".

3, Tmall President Wang Yulei said: the essence of the future electricity supplier is to return to the consumer experience. Tmall will join the business, the platform to optimize the sale of fast processing mechanism, and start the consumer payment program, consumers in the shortest possible time without even waiting for the situation to meet the needs of after-sales service.

, in addition to the above 4 to enhance the user experience of the standard, the new standard will transit cats for customer service experience of poor business, especially the commodity quality problems of businesses and commodities, take the big data location, for the first time to deal with goods.

5, increase the intensity of the mysterious purchase sampling. For serious business, in addition to standard Tmall rules, except to restrict or terminate in Tmall’s business activities, but also the corresponding feedback to law enforcement departments, improve the speed of information sharing, strengthen the crackdown on the line.


from the official position of view, Tmall in 2015 to improve the service quality of great intensity, although the official did not disclose the implementation of these services will increase the number of operating costs, but a senior electricity supplier who privately told us, Tmall volume calculation, only cosmetic allergy return and fragile breakage send the two services will increase hundreds of millions of cost, plus the fight, support the integrity of the seller and other services, Ali for Tmall service upgrades described as costly".

what is the reason for the increase of investment Ali Tmall used regardless of cost? Except for the users, and what is the deeper logic? For Ali’s move, we visited after obtained the following several conclusions:

1, although there are still part of the electricity supplier companies are still in the pursuit of GMV (total merchandise transactions), but there have been more and more electricity supplier companies began to emphasize the GMV, but also stressed the user’s consumption experience.

2, with the Alibaba,, Jingdong and a large number of commercial enterprises IPO in 2014, has been the huge financing for these enterprises.

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