How to reduce the cost of Taobao courier courier

shopping sites such as Taobao, although there is a great convenience, but a prominent problem is the high cost of courier. It can even be said that the cost of the high and low, directly determines the success or failure of the transaction. So, how to reduce this cost?

1, to directly find the clerk to talk about the price, do not look for the phone service Miss talk about. Because there is no direct interest, talk about white talk.

2, for office workers, if you are taking the time to take care of the Taobao store, you can say with the salesman that the company should send a lot of express every day, so the price will drop a lot.

3, to raise the price of competitors. With the development of the express delivery industry, often a region has many courier companies, so when talking about the price, whether it is not really about, you can say that other companies to lower prices, as far as possible to the price pressure.

4, to goods than three. Because you are a customer, the initiative in their own hands, so to ask a few courier. These industry profits are relatively high, so bargain when you can be generous.

5, multi saving. Down the price of express, there are other costs, such as reducing the cost of courier is also the need to pay attention to the problem of Taobao shopkeepers, these will learn more.

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