How to use the network favorites promotion website

I believe that every webmaster

network favorites are not unfamiliar. This is a relatively easy to use things, you can free to promote their own websites, and access to the chain, improve the site weight, access to traffic. Users use the network favorites collection web page is easy to enter the target page. When a web site is a collection of users, the search engine will focus on this page, and then give a higher weight.

How to use the

network favorites promotion website


first select the target site (search engine search "network favorites", then a lot of) registered N account, you want to promote Web links in the collection. The title as a keyword (in favor of the site in the keywords ranking), sounds very simple. Simple operation, it is not easy to do, because only the collection of 1, 2 pages on the search engine is no effect, it requires a number of accumulation. See here, some people may say, the number is not easy, directly to all pages of the site all the collection, register several accounts, a lot of it. If so, be sure to tell you that your website will face a disaster. (search engine harmony). Many webmaster in this aspect of management is very strict, you found a slightly more than the account of several similar pages, your account will be away, even as some people say the whole web page collection. Using network favorites is a skill.

How clever use of network favorites

website promotion?

1, the collection of the title (or name) is the best keywords (or with keywords) and then pointed to the target page. This is conducive to the ranking of keywords.

2, can not blindly add home, be careful to be harmonious. (because users use the network favorites collection web page is easy to enter the target page).

3, find something you like to upload to your site, and then collect. (easy to bring traffic).

4, your website original content synchronization and network favorites (to your site in the hair, the first time).

5, an account can not only collect a website content, to collect the contents of multiple domain names, but also pay attention to the collection can not be stereotyped.

6, in a period of the same site should not be the largest collection of too much, we really promote the keywords where the site is best not to be the most. To gradually accumulate.

said the above points for one purpose, that is the main favorites site staff think we are normal site collection. We are a normal collection of customers.

you do a certain amount of time, the search engine will be concerned about your site, as long as your page content is true, the search engine will give this page higher weight. In this case, when the search engine in the search to the key word,

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