How to seize the user psychology to promote network innovation

SEO Qingdao today talk about the QQ group promotion, in the network promotion often talks to the QQ group promotion, but now with more and more people’s understanding of the Internet and familiar, QQ group promotion seems to have many in the QQ group promotion It is quite common for, generally reflect the effect is very general, so another way to find new ways of promotion. In fact, I want to say is that any kind of promotion as long as you still have a lot of deep research, as the so-called "specialize in"! Today to see such a QQ group promotion case, is also the day before yesterday in the group occasionally saw, then save the image, but has no space with you share.

first look at my screenshot:


the other is made directly to the group of pictures, watching the news you will go to Taobao search this called "beautiful underwear source"? I believe that many people want to know the boss’s daughter QQ, the so-called "stream" in the end look like, so it will go to Taobao search, including me of course, as a network promotion, I didn’t really want to go to search for "fine source underwear", but would like to know about the development of this information, let me on the promotion of peers do admire.

the internet almost all know QQ boss is Ma Huateng, Ma Huateng is the QQ of our ancestors, Ma Huateng is our webmaster learning, countless people full of worship and yearning for the horse, so we want to see the old woman long findler, on this piece of information we have "would rather believe it not the feeling of" no credible, as you believe it or not, I believe anyway! "So many people open the Taobao search" the fine source, therefore, will guide the underwear to the shop for a lot of traffic, but the traffic conversion rate may not be very high.

analysis of the success of the QQ group promotion, as mentioned above, want to see the horse is a daughter, a good grasp of the spy psychology; secondly, also said the 5 forwarding group or 5 friends the news, your QQ will rise to 4, more temptation is after the upgrade can be obtained 100 QB, the euphemism is the last word "anyway also not what harm, after second days to see your picture, this news is really thought very well, although some people do not believe, but I dare say there are still many people believe, will also help to send this the information in the interests of the temptation.

is actually very simple message, but embodies the message people whimsy, really move their brains, so that network promotion should be like this, not bad, but so used right, with a promotion method used in the human body is very different, this see you have more brains than others.

The promotion of

methods emerge in an endless stream, different periods have different methods, methods can be outdated, but the idea can not get rid of it right, but the idea is not properly, this case tells us how to grasp.

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