Take advantage of world reading day marketing which is stronger in the end


was once a year in April 23rd each year, the world book day, this is a major reading APP, reading channel and traditional bookstore and reading all related product or brand, an occasion to expand the opportunity of well-known brands. Not surprisingly, each reading app, the major portals of reading channels, as well as some offline bookstores have launched this day reading activities.


in the past, most of the enterprises or organizations initiated this kind of holiday marketing activities are basically not what new ideas, methods and means basically in a predictable range is nothing but the surface activities around the recommended books, books etc. these old routines. However, during the world book day, there are several companies taking advantage of marketing activities or something, such as the NetEase launched the "cloud reading reading marathon" series of activities, as well as Wu Xiaobo, Luo Yonghao, Ma Dong, Tmall and other 11 entertainment star launched 5 hours reading share, and kindle combined with the "life" magazine reading community activities and so on. The East may wish to target three companies mentioned in the world reading between the date of the launch of marketing activities to do some analysis, to see what they have bright and trough point in marketing.

to the world reading day, what they do


we first look at NetEase cloud reading. A few days ago, the NetEase began to read the cloud World Book Day warm-up activities, registration page through elaborate H5 to attract users registration with China Mobile’s microphone cushions reading together jointly launched reading marathon activities. On that day in April 23rd, the NetEase cloud reading is including the well-known writer and director Peng Haoxiang, well-known cartoonist mainland nineteen fan, knife dog image creator Murong clean cut, columnist Xia Xiaonuan, the popular network circle play special children, Yan Value Chai Coser God, Mount Huangshan Poet Zhang Hailong 10 different areas of celebrity guests came to the scene of the invitation, and the audience share reading experience, intimate interaction.

look at Tmall. Tmall’s hand launched Tmall Online Reading Festival promotional activities, at the same time on that day in April 23rd invited to the logic of thinking founder Luo Zhenyu, writer Wu Xiaobo, founder of the sixth, Reading Library hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao, Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping, the tip of the tongue "China" director Chen Xiaoqing, a serial entrepreneur, God carved m not founder Ma Dong, the famous director Wang Chaoge, founder of Wang Xiaodeng as early as possible 11 Star Cafe, 5 hours of online reading and sharing through Youku video network platform’s users to broadcast this time reading.

finally look at the next kindle. Kindle in April 21st in its official WeChat first push a "love reading month" Amazon news, opened its reading day marketing activities. Kindle in April 23rd -5 month 8 days in Shanghai during the new world of reading space, cooperation and life magazine invited 7 writers held meeting readers and 3 field study activities, at the same time in the Amazon.

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