Little fish science and technology B+ round of financing spin off of the family and business

September 27th afternoon, Beijing small fish Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "small fish technology") officially announced that the company will be under the office business split, split the "small office" will be independent of the operating and financing; at the same time, the company announced the completion of the B+ round of financing, investors include the speed of light China, innovation works and became the capital of.

public information, small fish technology was founded in March 2014, is an innovative company dedicated to the development of the Internet and the hardware and software of intelligent robot, has completed A, B two a total of nearly 30 million dollars in financing.

in early 2015, the small fish science and technology released a family intelligent companion robot fish at home, after the end of the same year, the introduction of intelligent video conferencing terminal".

small fish technology founder and CEO Song Chenfeng showed that fish and fish at home office has to expand the channels of their own, small office of the target population and the main source of demand for business users, believe that the fish after the split office independent financing operations, product definition, brand marketing, sales channels and other aspects will have to improve.

B+ round of investment, small fish is one of the members of the board of science and technology innovation works chairman and CEO Li Kaifu said: "not long ago, innovation works raised since the establishment of the largest fund in the capital in the winter, the next few years we will aim at the black technology, hard technology, artificial intelligence solutions, and solutions enterprise applications, content of entertainment, Internet Education investment."

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