When e-commerce encounters electronic magazine

what is the electronic magazine? The electronic magazine is a kind of very good media forms, it has the characteristics of the plane and the Internet, and into the text, image, voice and other dynamic binding to the reader, is a very enjoyable reading.

at present, our country electronic magazine which is variety, according to the data, the types of the intricacies of the market share, is the largest category of fashion, fashion and even electronic magazine traffic accounted for all 30% types of electronic magazine. Secondly, like cars, sports, beauty, ranking and entertainment categories are very near the front, but at present, the electronic magazine development is not optimistic, the electronic magazine needs a new driving force, nowadays is fried with electronic commerce to electronic magazine undoubtedly injected new vitality.

The rapid development of

e-commerce market has brought great opportunities for C2C and B2B, more and more China consumers and businesses to accept the electronic commerce mode of third party electronic commerce platform as the center of the network platform, Jubilee billion Alibaba, Taobao, eBay, the golden abacus played a key role in this process. I have also mentioned in the blog www.yanjian.net e-commerce is undoubtedly an important way of enterprises in the future to make money online, e-commerce has played an increasingly important role in the economy, IDC data show that in 2008 Chinese e-commerce spending will reach $286 billion 100 million.

generally, e-commerce enterprises in promoting their products or platform, will continue to burn, so as to enhance its brand influence, and ultimately drive sales, but often ignored the electronic magazine, which is an important form of communication with low cost.

electronic magazine in the dissemination of e-commerce enterprise products or platforms, there are incomparable advantages of other means of communication.

first is low cost. This low cost includes two meanings: one is the low cost of production, relatively speaking, the electronic magazine production cost is low, and belong to the one-time investment; two is a low cost electronic magazine spread, there are a lot of free channels can be released, such as the popular electronic magazine platform for electronic magazine in a column of popularity the more popular website, available for download in the mall, is a low-cost means of communication is very good.


is the manifestation of multimedia. This is the inherent advantages of electronic magazine, into the picture, text, sound and other elements, more vivid display of products, easier to allow readers to accept, resulting in goodwill.

third, increase customer viscosity. The electronic magazine readers with its vivid valuable content, and through the promotion policies or interesting activities and reader interaction, so that readers have a good impression, the formation of long-term subscription and reading habits, increase the viscosity, the reader through the electronic magazine, will produce a letter of resistance to the product or mall, thus becoming stable customer base.

fourth, enhance brand influence. With the growing number of subscriptions to electronic magazines, no

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