Close to ten million yuan guest Angel round of financing

news July 5th, oral medical vertical platform "teeth off" days ago has been completed nearly ten million Angel round of financing, the investor is Kai Fu capital. Angel angel round of financing is mainly used to improve online influence.


dental doctor APP is a service to the dentist, to meet the professional needs of dentists in the practice of mobile phone software, is committed to the establishment of a dental doctor collaboration platform.

As the most independent and the highest degree of commercialization in the medical profession,

‘s oral cavity is essential for the development of its own brand. However, under the influence of the individual consciousness and the hospital system, the doctor’s personal brand is in a state of unconsciousness, random, no attention, no system. It is the value of the oral health care industry for the doctor’s personal brand, Meng Li chose oral medicine as the direction of their own business, hoping to create a doctor’s learning, communication and entrepreneurial service platform.

June 2016, the dentist to update the 3.3.0 version, the official launch of the doctor team function. Doctors end APP dental doctor through the SCRM model to achieve the direct management of patients with doctors, communication, to build a personal brand doctor. At the same time, doctors can also through "teeth" live off the micro forum WeChat professional courses, find the learning and service channel.

from the beginning of November 2015, teeth off the use of Internet community play, WeChat group cooperation dentists with the national each big city schools, hospitals, oral clinics are building, through the course of 100 group synchronization live the way oral health class knowledge sharing. As of June 2016, the number of courses covering more than 100 thousand, the popularity of the city of 30, WeChat group of more than 250, has become one of the most influential brands in the field of oral medicine. July, the dentist will be fully upgraded curriculum, and gradually achieve specialization and serialization, at the same time, DSU (oral Sharing Alliance) series of courses will be fully on line, in order to strengthen the interaction of doctors and knowledge learning efficiency.

teeth off the financing of investment Qifu capital fund management company, is specialized in domestic field of Internet investment institutions before the 20 strong, has successfully invested in treatment 160, whom to learn, and exchange, Amoy affordable, copper electricity supplier and look off glasses and a number of excellent "Internet plus" project, have their own original views on Internet plus field. Meng Li said that the capital is invested in the capital of the eyes of the online influence of dental buyers.

with the further deepening of China’s medical reform, the medical industry will be from the past mainly for the reform of the medical system, the development of medical resources, especially the optimal allocation of medical resources. Teeth off to the doctor as the main line, through the provision of learning, communication and business service platform for doctors, improve medical personnel value, release the medical community productivity, provide more high-quality medical resources to the society.

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