Movie resources station, do the personal website of the first pot of gold

      07 years, many webmaster feel very anxious, very depressed. SP no, union buckle quantity, ban large harmonious picture station to do well, then, what can let your personal webmaster? Thunder, P2P 2 years ago without any good people, less than their ears to the way of rapid expansion, even has always been regarded themselves as noble Google crazy as he tossed the olive branch, the initial investment of millions, set up a search dog. Of course, such a model, personal webmaster can only envy, in addition to envy, personal webmaster can do? Always give up said: "Oh, they are large." What is the station? You out of the station. China network environment is not optimistic, every day, personal webmaster face full screen website news, today the gangster how, the portal how, but focus on grassroots news, almost No. Now, it’s not about the news. After all, people have money relations, some forces said, and personal webmaster, the most, is diligent. No PR forces, no funding, no contacts, no union support, it is like a circle of expert said, individual owners in the next two years will become history? Don’t face, personal Adsense is a death? The answer is no, personal Adsense can be found to find their second spring.

    first, we referred to the P2P model in the thunder, attention to the network node full length movie download site, free P2P movie station, television station forum, is not difficult to find, China Internet model has gradually transformed into an entertainment focused multi media era. In the recently released twentieth internet report, China’s Internet users more than 100 million, while online more than fifty million, while the majority of these people, in the game and watching movies and television in the fifty million. So, Google will invest in thunder, why invest in thunder? Value is his speed and search efforts. Including video vientiane. However, the thunder mode, there are a lot of places, people are afraid of well-known pigs afraid of strong, a strong, it is easy to be killed, we will be concerned about things easy to issue. So, the next light is not personal webmaster ringtones, not the industry, but not technical station, television station.

    the traditional television station, demand high bandwidth, hardware investment, but due to regional differences, many local node access speed is slow, if you want to do the type of site, the investment is enormous, grassroots webmaster can not bear such a huge investment, the popular online video also exists such the problem, cool 6, mumayi for occupation company, investment billion, access speed is not too ideal. There are increasingly serious copyright issues and other factors, seriously restricting the development of film and television resources site. So, is there a way out? In the face of the huge flow of the market, in the face of attractive site second spring, whether we stop our steps. >

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