Jingdong registered Liu Qiangdong mall new domain name cybersquatting minon start

April 13th news, according to the domain name insiders, Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong recently registered a new domain name jdbuy.net, the specific use is unknown. Insiders already registered domain name.

Whois information display, jdbuy.net domain name contact for Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong, management mailbox for ***@360buy.com". The domain name has not yet been directed to any website.

according to the domain name insiders, Liu Qiangdong in addition to the registered jdbuy.net, does not have jdbuy.com, jdbuy.cn, jdbuy.com.cn and other domain name management rights. Some growers have started and the related domain name registration.

it is understood that Liu Qiangdong had revealed at the end of 2009 there is a change of meaning. However, according to insiders analysis, Liu Qiangdong registered jdbuy.net may be considered to protect the existing domain name, not necessarily associated with the renamed. (end)

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