A brief talk on campus promotion team formation, new media operation and promotion

Gupo national campus market exchange group (QQ group number: 433826971) open again, welcome to the campus operators into the group communication, contribution.

author Sun Ling, the university has a number of grassroots entrepreneurial experience, after giving up because of family pressure, after graduating from politics in March and felt very ill, in December last year, decided to give up civil service. As a super curriculum in Central China operations director.

since 2014, on the campus of entrepreneurial projects, in terms of the number and amount of financing have a blowout in March, I also wrote an article on the campus within six months before the project financing for a comb. Here, talk about the individual to the campus operation promotion of some thinking.

line campus team

from the beginning of the year "campus, Campus Ambassador model will enter the campus now, regardless of size, only related to campus products, will use this pattern, but the next line of campus team, any company can do, but most of them do not, personal summary of the main points:

1, candidate

Is the so-called

got a hard to find. The campus has a part-time business idea or any company to recruit students There are plenty of people who, to a campus team is not difficult, the difficulty is that one can lead the team of the soul.

general incompetence, exhausted armed forces, the people we need, not only need a variety of pragmatic rhetoric ability, can lead the team to do the basic work, issued leaflets, posters is of course essential.

and the person in addition to meet some common assessment, but also consider whether it can be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in the campus market, no personal life, whether he is most willing to? Fortunately such people still exist.

2, system

choose a good team leader, the system is the next thing you must consider, and do better, such as super curriculum super intern system, with a good set of feedback system. For the majority of start-up companies or just started to build a campus team of companies, and there is no such a super intern system, it requires human to develop rules and monitor the implementation. (but must remember the cultural heart, the rules of social work, not suitable for Campus)

on the campus team under the line, adding two points:

1, money and dreams are indispensable

, as the Internet to the intermediary, and now students and social distance is not far away, they are not stupid, do not think about the way to do a brainwashing campus team, it should be given to. (if you brainwashed first-class technology, is another matter) and use not only the reward to guide, what we need is a valid user get real, rather than the surface data.

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