Website Youxian desktop search storm

  do not need to open the browser to search desktop search era is now closer to the Chinese Internet users. In GOOGLE, Microsoft, YAHOO and other international giants have accelerated into the desktop search field at the same time, China desktop search engine technology pioneer – Chinese search company announced today that the upgraded version of its desktop search product "network pig" has launched a comprehensive.  

"network China pig" is the first "desktop search software. The launch of the upgraded version, will further improve its desktop search news customization, word search and other characteristics, and increase desktop addressing, E-MAIL search, video on demand and other ten functions.   new address – Desktop addressing technology

version of "network pig" launched, is a new generation of addressing mode after IP, domain name, real name. Compared with the traditional network addressing, desktop addressing can not open the browser, direct user needs to understand the site.  

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