From free travel to see the network marketing


last weekend, my friends and I went to a free tour of a cabinet brand organization. The trip is mainly to visit them in the Anhui production base in Hefei, then a free taste of authentic cuisine. To the destination, nearly more than eleven noon, they first took us to a hotel dining in time has All seats are occupied.. The owners of hundreds of satiated, they visited their guide on the production base of the cabinet. The kitchen production base is divided into four regions, there are two regions are still improving, so we first visited the production area and the new exhibition area. The production area there are many equipment and wood, visit along the way non-stop from machine sound, sight and hard labor work people figure. The new exhibition area which showed is preparing to market new products, which is divided to five rooms, each room is different style cabinets, each style kitchen cabinets are beautiful and addictive.

visited the production area, the public was invited to the conference room, lecture. The history of the development of their first by a responsible person to tell you their brand, and then by their designers to express their brand advantages, and finally by the person in charge of their owners to offer the price of their products, but also for ordering customers also donated a pot. Many people are ready to start, in all eighty percent people for their products, at the beginning of my friend and I intend to consider, finally persuaded by all. The completion of the transaction has nearly five points, we took the gifts to the return trip.

sat back on the car, let me feel a lot in network marketing, why their marketing practices will attract so many people involved? How should we do network marketing


first of all, this brand is going to buy the route, a large part of the people who visit them before the old customers. The appeal of the old customers are more real than what is better, even if they have not heard of the brand’s new people, in the mouth of the people under the infection will be affected by this, that their home is good. Then they used the bribe marketing mode, is the so-called "short hand to take people, people eat salt" in public who received their benefits, will feel some sorry, it will form a "impulse" consumption. However, we do the conditions of the network marketing does not allow us to do so much money to bribe their marketing, as long as we can learn from their marketing methods.

with the help of the Internet platform to customer marketing is the real network marketing, network marketing and so we want to do "understand customer". The cabinet enterprise’s marketing practices relative to other marketing mode I think is very novel, they are in the grip of customers after the heart began to enter the marketing, is the so-called "marketing products must first own marketing", they do, their customers in mind the impression is very good.

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