Social media is no longer a marketing channel, but the channel user experience

editor’s note: the author is Daniel Newman V3B, CO chief executive, speaker, best-selling author, works with "digital project management Ultimate Guide" etc.. This paper pointed out sharply, in the rapid development of social media today, the traditional marketing channels, enterprises should abandon the single use of social media, to create a new user experience channel.

enter the year 2016 business finally began to realize that "what the word social media" in the "social" mean for each enterprise groups, and what kind of influence can it bring to them. I in the Forbes 2016 market forecast, a text about how various brands will increasingly realize that social media is not only a channel to sell products or services. This platform has been used to promote the promotion of sales, and now is the gathering space for communication, and become part of the brand experience itself.

if you notice a reduction in the number of users participating in social media or a decrease in the number, then you should reflect on the way you use social networking platform. You are using advertising, product or service to your users bombarded? Or allowing users to participate in, to seek their views and suggestions, in order to enhance their experience? Although the relevant data can be collected from the social media platform, but we should pay attention to "listen to the voice of the consumer".

brand culture is the key

business brand is the voice of the enterprise. Employees can accurately convey the voice of the enterprise is very important. Enterprises should focus on the construction of culture – listening, appreciation, respect for employees – to join hands with employees to create more quality products and services.

employees need to feel:



listen to


is an integral part of the team

employees happy, the brand has vitality.

respect user

good user experience / customer service has become the most important key to success. So, how a particular communication platform represents the brand vision and brand points is a crucial part of the successful user experience. A survey by Bain, a consultancy, found that 89% of companies use the provision of good customer service as the primary means of competition. On the market so many brands, efficiency and affinity are the main factors the relationship between enterprise survival.

so, before the social media releases the message, the enterprise should ask themselves:

who are we going to get involved in,


what platform should we use?

what are we going to use


what are our bigger goals?


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