This is the nternet business without ghost pit

entrepreneurship is now a hot topic, as long as a little bit of ability to want to start their own business. The Internet is also a hot topic, now do not talk about the Internet is not the people of this era. Internet or related industry entrepreneurship is sought after by everyone. Guardian Yuan Kun as a 8 years of network marketing, it is recommended that entrepreneurs should not be Internet pit.

first we look at entrepreneurship, as long as a little ability to want to start their own business. This ability may be itself really capable, but more people are not really capable, but the company gave a good platform to give a good system. Most people left the company become the reason is not worth a hair, now worthless because the hat on the head. Of course, the reason why many people go to gold is here.

say the Internet, the Internet has affected our normal life, but we do not necessarily have to involve the Internet industry, after all, can become the concept of BAT is really too low. If you want to start a business, or guardian Yuan Kun suggested industrial is better, the majority of friends itself resources, funds, contacts and other constraints, so that more choice of service industry, self-employed or vertical industry segments.

finally let us look at the Internet business, Internet business is keen for everyone after, is a class of common electricity supplier, second class is called O2O, the third is now popular from the media. We take a look at what the Internet business pits.


common electricity supplier or mobile providers.


acted early, basically very early in the Taobao Tmall or Baidu bid, this group of people basically grasp the dividend, indeed earned a pot of gold. The development of mobile electricity providers to make a lot of friends to do micro business are rapidly developed. Whether it is the traditional electricity supplier or mobile electricity supplier, into the early basically have earned a hard. For now, people want to enter, guard Yuan Kun or that sentence: he didn’t strength not easily get involved, is really a waste of time and money.

so-called O2O entrepreneurship.

on the Internet has a lot of big brother (as well as Ma also mentioned in an interview), the industry V mentioned O2O is a false proposition, regardless of whether this sentence is not right. We have to understand is the combination of online and offline, then their own line of this piece has been done to what extent. If you just want to through the line as the dominant stem dropped under the opponent, or just want to through the line of precipitation on the consumption of dead opponent, basically impossible. A lot of very strong line of business, so that the line is still open. Many online companies are very powerful, the line is their own short board.

from the media business in the end how.

whether it is before or behind the micro-blog forum great reds, or WeChat, the number of public operators, recently broadcast short video, now popular, everyone has a specific noun: since the media (net >

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