Jingdong Club fundraising over 1 billion 100 million and 89 projects a year financing successful ven

April 11th, the first anniversary of the Jingdong club held in Beijing. It is understood that Jingdong club has now helped 89 entrepreneurial innovation business successful financing, the total amount of over 1 billion 100 million yuan.

Jingdong owner, Jingdong in positioning financial technology company, one year, club continued innovation in the industry first venture board board + consumption financing mode, and the first venture in which the board with the cast lead investor + mode, by the club professional investment team and professional investment led people to help with investment of investment management, so that individual investors can use professional judgment for investment, reduce investment risks. Consumption in fixed investment directly by investors; at the same time, venture capital and Innovation Board launched the "small boss" places, each venture board project set up 1-10 a "small club" places, "small boss" the amount of investment in 5000-10000 yuan; in addition, the club is still in the first venture capital venture capital investment fund.

in the project out of the way, mainly including IPO, three new board and regional equity trading center, mergers and acquisitions, subsequent rounds of financing. Currently, 89 financing projects, there are 23 projects are preparing for landing three new board. Another project "star network push" has successfully landed three new board; "Xiaoshuai cinema" the successful docking of the next round of financing, valuation reached 4 times that of the original investors, holding period returns of more than 300%; the consumer plate project "old gun", the concert project is also successful exit, the project contains equivalent to the total annual real return after the yield is about 100%.

in Institutions of cooperation, the club has the mainstream domestic investment institutions and Sequoia Capital, matrix partners, it real fund, IDG capital, Gobi venture more than 50 cooperation. In the number of investors, as of now, over 60 thousand of the high net worth users in the Jingdong boss platform to participate in equity investment, the investment rate of over repeat investment of more than 30%, more than 10% of investors in the platform investment projects over 5.

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