WeChat marketing needs to pay attention to some problems

recently WeChat marketing is very fire, not to sell products, is the release of local information, or to promote the public number of articles. And I personally participated in a number of friends WeChat marketing case. I used to feel a few cases are very successful, but now think about it, hey, I really do not know how many people pull me black. I am the purpose of this man to play WeChat is that I can accept the advertising, but up to one, more black on the pull.

I am very fond of the network, no matter where, will not leave the computer and mobile phone these two things, nothing like to see WeChat, QQ, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, want to know more information. WeChat is my favorite. Because WeChat has a public number can see some articles, very good. But also like to release the information in the circle of friends. Often see some advertising information, the following to the Shao Lianhu blog we summarize.

1, WeChat circle of friends to sell product advertising

every day, I can see a lot of WeChat friends circle to sell products, there are selling mask, there are clothing to sell, there are pet products to sell. Sometimes open a circle of friends WeChat, a series of products to see the release. Mobile phone screen is so big, I would like to see the information had to pull a long time to see other information, I decisively to pull the black.

WeChat sell products if someone likes your product, you have nothing to do every day, but most people hate advertising. Want to buy things directly on the Taobao line, every day I would like to see the circle of friends has been the product of dynamic advertising annoying. So, WeChat circle of friends to sell the product is best to release a product information on a daily basis. Best not to sell. I can only tell you so much.

2, WeChat life circle of friends information advertising

recently do not know what is going on, the local life information advertising too much too much. Have to ride, looking for work, job search, recruitment, and secondary trading information. But also very fire, a lot of places have such a WeChat personal number in the operation, free to help people send advertising information, and a hair on a few, dozens of. Although it is our local Pizhou information, Shao Lianhu or decisively to pull black.

said the truth micro signal operating local life information is very good, the key you don’t know what kind of information users love, he wants to know what you publish recruitment information, transaction information, when he wanted to take a ride, can only see you and others to place information. You can say that you have no sense of advertising. If you really want to do this kind of information, it is recommended to use WeChat public number, QQ, WeChat, unfamiliar street can be, do not use WeChat circle of friends, and so you pull the black will know.

3, WeChat circle of friends released public number content

circle of friends to use the public number is very good, others feel good after they will also be able to share their circle of friends. But some people are not the same, a public number released ten articles, would like to put all the ten articles >

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