Traditional electricity providers how to do mobile nternet Marketing

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the traditional business platform have embraced the line, if the electricity supplier era popular "brand management", it is clear that Internet plus is popular in the era of fan operation". In fact, no matter in which era, each enterprise wants its own brand of users and loyalty. The mobile Internet will take full advantage of the combination of online and offline, the benefits of the brand and the interests of the customer’s best, then the traditional electricity supplier how to do a good job of mobile internet marketing it?

do O2O marketing: marketing will do under the line

believes that most online shopping friends have an experience that is fear of fakes, according to the "2014 China e-commerce user experience and complaints monitoring report" monitoring statistics, refund issues, network price, false promotions, online fraud, quality problems and become the online shopping is criticized, users in 2014 ten most complaints problems due to. So these problems is the platform, so that users do not have enough sense of security, any one platform, such as Tmall, Jingdong, and so on have been a complaint, so the user really need is actually the real experience of the product, further to buy this action.

according to the reliable survey found that consumers in the "experience" of this point that the store has more advantages than online shopping, despite the rapid development in recent years, Tmall, Jingdong, and other large electricity providers caused a certain impact on the next line stores, but the line (100 goods store) will not disappear on the one hand, they are also actively embrace the Internet transformation; on the other hand is the "trust" of the problem, after all, the line of goods the tangible, but for most brands, online and offline to adopt a "staggering" sales, such as sales of the line may be a quarter of goods, the line is sales of the new season, or online discount products and line discount products are not in the same period of sales activities, so for users to store the line is very necessary.

The characteristics of

mobile Internet is the biggest user can take advantage of the fragmentation of the time, such as learning, shopping, entertainment and so on, the traditional electronic business platform, this is undoubtedly a very big opportunity, for example, when users find a favorite clothing in the mobile phone shopping APP, but because of the quality and price of shilly-shally at this time, if found in the mobile terminal stores have the same style of clothing at nearby, you can rest assured that the purchase of the store experience. There is a problem, if the prices of goods online than offline will be low, so the store will become the online dressing room". Therefore, the electricity supplier in the marketing do offline, online pricing may be the same, or staggering sales, in addition to effectively the user online and offline interaction drainage outside, can also supply flexibility.

good advertising marketing

traditional electricity supplier in the PC, there are three main categories of display, search and channel types of advertising in the form of delivery. Display advertising is not a clear grasp of user needs

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