90% of startups are closed, and that’s the reality of VR’s death

Zhou Chaochen: keep up with six months to talk about VR compared to enter the second half of 2016, you can hardly feel the presence of VR. Entrepreneurs and capital Carnival will inevitably lead to the current VR forced virtual reality". Live, are really have the technical strength of the company."


| author Wang Siqi

[[VR] the demand for the field is real and verified, only over a period of time has been magnified, resulting in overheating, it is reasonable to cool down now." ]

in March 2014, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus, before that, this low-key VR devices, game software vendors, perhaps only professional players can call out its name. After the acquisition, VirtualReality (virtual reality) began to come into the people’s vision, and in the next two years to like wildfire development.

Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG factory store, reporters rough stroll around in a circle, found no fewer than 5 stores in the VR industry. In the past, all kinds of mobile phone parts stores are mostly replaced by unmanned aerial vehicles and VR head wear equipment.

Li Feng (a pseudonym) in which the operation of a store, which comes from the VR glasses to one machine readily available, the customer orders, the factory located in Baoan can be processed production. Within half an hour, Li Feng repeatedly pick up the phone or reply to the customer with a mobile phone WeChat. She told reporters that the company recently orders a lot, the best selling glasses VR.

and these stores are not mentioned in the same breath hot scenes of VR industry by investment in doghouse. According to the United States third party venture capital data company CBInsights data, compared to the first quarter of this year, the second quarter, whether the amount of investment or the amount is not small decline.

Facebook large mergers and acquisitions driven industry

"from a certain point of view, in fact, the formulation of VR winter is not accurate, because it has not really hot." Cloud nine capital managing director Qiu Zhun told the first financial daily reporters.

Two years ago,

began to pay attention to this area, but the subject matter is not much investment, so that he has always been in a state of wait and see.

according to the "research Internet plus film industry report", from the 2015 year to date, the number of VR industry enterprises break from more than and 200 to more than 1 thousand and 600.

clear private data show that over the past year, the domestic investment involving the VR industry is not less than 145 cases, involving an amount of 4 billion 434 million yuan.

Qiu Zhun told reporters that the current domestic and foreign VR investment hot mainly rely on the strategic investment department of the big companies and some of the so-called small VR investment fund to operate.

for small funds with a certain amount of speculative nature, "this Bi"

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