Elements of mobile internet marketing success

now, the Internet has the circle from the PC slowly transferred to the mobile terminal, a variety of institutions, more and more marketing personnel and SEOer transfer to the mobile Internet media marketing, to promote their own brand, product and service, hope from mobile internet marketing this big cake to share, but now there are a lot of people do the performance did not achieve the desired effect, we can conscientiously sum up, to the mobile internet marketing, to have the conditions and what kind of elements.

from now on, the momentum of the development of mobile Internet is fierce, its development trend is:

trends, mobile Internet users and the rapid growth of the scale;

trend two, with the user’s needs, human nature as the center is the development direction of mobile Internet;

trend three, the mobile Internet has formed a pattern of CO opetition between the three;

trend four, the mobile Internet is now the mainstream mode of cooperation is revenue sharing;

trend five, the mobile Internet business has shown a trend of differentiation and diversification, to meet the needs of different users;

trend six, the mobile Internet has moved toward the direction of development, cooperation and sharing.

from the author for some time after the mobile internet marketing work, to make a summary, in my opinion, in order to do a good job of mobile internet marketing, to have the following factors:

1, to establish a long-term service content core strategy

first, you want to include in any way through mobile internet marketing, enterprises must first understand is from consumers, the needs of customers, to understand the readers, the circle of friends members about what, what needs is love to discuss what, to establish a more popular content, service system, this is starting from the analysis of key words, this is one of the key to the SEO and network marketing. For example you are doing computer training, so you can focus on the computer, the Internet, some love hungry friends, and they set up a circle of friends, and strengthen their communication and maximize provide quality services for them, let the circle of friends of friends have a good reputation for you, good reputation can attract more potential customers.

2 free articles and information, to share useful nutritional information on the mobile Internet free for the majority of readers and fans to share valuable love, nutritious read, so we can build trust in you, you can love your content, and your attention, can improve the conversion rate so, we are willing to pay to buy your products or services.

3, real-time information to everyone to do marketing, the release of the service or the content must be real-time, and the news is similar to that in general we have to be prepared in advance, to force, perceptive attention thinking, share content and service new ideas, but also must stand on

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