Design of routing system for payment and settlement

This article mainly introduces the design of

routing system payment and settlement system, before reading this article, need some basic knowledge of payment and settlement, in order to facilitate your understanding, I suggest you consult the known column "payment and settlement".


routing system, namely intelligent optimal choice of ‘line’ for the payment and settlement system, is to choose a refund, intelligent channel, that how to embody the intelligence? We look at a few examples:

example 1: 2 of the existing channels, channel A charging rule is 1 per thousand, B channel charge rules is 2 yuan 1. There is no doubt that in the case of other conditions are the same, we are more willing to use cheaper channels, and in the end which is cheaper, according to the transaction amount will be different.

routing, is to achieve cost savings!

example 2: the existing 2 out of the channel, the charges are $1 pen, the channel A account aging in general within 30 minutes, the channel B account aging generally within 2 hours. Obviously, we usually choose to account for the fast aging.

routing, is to improve the user experience!

example 3: 2 of the existing channels, regardless of the cost, or from the user experience of A channel are dominant, but there is a mishap, the transaction channel A go, although the cost of B channel high speed slowly, but after all, to go through and meet the needs of users, but also had to use the channel B.

routing is to ensure that the channel is available!

there are still, if a channel suddenly paralyzed how to do, silly wait until the other party to restore it?

above, we have a few of the most basic point of consideration, summed up is:

routing system, in the premise of meeting the current transaction, we choose the most desired results. Among them, there are a lot of money and a prerequisite, is also not the same, generally have a single limit, the current availability of channels, will be detailed later; most promising results, policy and related companies, general may consider is the cost and user experience. We look at the money (payment), money (cash) channel several limitations:

common dimensions

in China: single limit, card, bank, day, month limit limit;

out: the arrival of the prescription, the amount of the issuing bank, the launch time, the type of account (for public, private) and so on, out of this piece of knowledge can refer to an article before the "cash flow";

routing system logic diagram can refer to the following figure:


related Description:

in accordance with the commission from low to high on the channel sorting, the same fee, then according to the channel >

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