Recovery treasure A+ round of financing garbage collection can receive 300 billion market!

Following the

sharing to become an annual cycling outlet, also as an important component of waste recycling, idle field of city residents of the daily life of Francis also began to gradually upgrade. Recently, recycling treasure platform focused on the recovery of idle mobile phone is obtained from the SMC SMG A+ round of financing, by capital acted as exclusive financial advisor Kai Kai, according to CEO he said the recovery of treasure valuation compared to six months ago, A rising nearly 3 times, the project has received a capital lead investor, in capital letters with the investment of nearly 100 million A round of financing, as well as the angel round of investment capital of the source.

Investor SMC SMG

the recovery of treasure, is the international private equity investment institutions headquartered in Hongkong, Chinese is one of the top 50 private equity investment institutions, is the forerunner of asset investment, one of the world’s top sovereign fund managers. Group founder Mr. Ma Shimin served as Mr. Li Jiacheng of the Yangtze River and the managing director of Hutchison Whampoa  group, and is a member of the International Committee of HUAWEI and Vodafone global board. Ren Zhengfei also publicly said: Ma Shimin will always be my teacher.

SMG, the recovery of treasure investment, is also optimistic about the global recovery treasure expansion potential, by virtue of SMG in the communications industry strong background, recycling treasure or license by means of its resources into the global operator system.

Prior to

, 3C product recovery platform love recovering Morningside, Jingdong, map and other joint investment of $60 million, and launched a large-scale brand promotion. Overwhelmed by the treasure in the recovery of the occasion of the capital of the winter, before the completion of the Christmas holiday investors to finance, but also shows the gradual recovery of the capital market for recycling.

recycling platform heat rising giant early, it may be the same whether shared bicycle "annual air"? We look at the following questions.

A. what is the business model?

recovery of this business has been there for thousands of years, by rag build up the family fortunes news is also a lot of people forget It is often seen., still village riding a tricycle waste collection uncle call. With the great wealth of people’s material life, a large number of consumer goods idle problem has gradually highlighted. How to release the value of these idle goods recycling platform came into being at this time.

it is understood that the phone, for example, the current recovery after the treatment of three main categories:

1, mobile phone of acceptable quality, simple clean appearance, to ensure the removal of user data, can be directly into the secondary trading market of 2C, such as the recovery of treasure is through and around such partners together, this part of the mobile phone sold to buy second-hand mobile phone demand, provide warranty service for second-hand mobile phone trading and as the new


2, mobile phone has a great loss, but the intelligent mobile phone looks very poor use value, will put these mobile phone to the downstream partners, after dismantling, the spare parts for maintenance and other electronic products market;

3, no use >

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