During the Spring Festival to close 55 illegal websites and 114 Podcasts

reporter learned from the Ministry of public security during the Spring Festival, the relevant departments jointly remediation Internet vulgar wind intensity is not reduced, since the Spring Festival, there are 55 in the dissemination of pornographic and vulgar content illegal sites were closed, in addition to the relevant departments also closed the dissemination of pornographic blog 114, delete pornographic and vulgar pictures more than 47 thousand.

reporter learned that the "lewd sister", "Star Entertainment Network" of the 55 sites, in violation of the "National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s decision on safeguarding Internet Security", "Internet information services management approach" and other laws and regulations, which is closed. According to statistics, the remediation of the Internet in the country vulgar wind special action, as of January 28th the authorities have closed the illegal website up to 1507.

at the same time, the relevant departments to strike out, to crack down on criminals according to law. In the Ministry of public security under the guidance of Liu Xiaofeng led to the online pornographic performances gang Xiamen police have been eradicated, 16 suspects were arrested. The investigation, since March 2008, Liu Xiaofeng by the Taiwan porn site "520 girls work entrusted management platform and 5 pornographic video chat account, and to recruit and hire a young woman in the name of the operator typist, providing online pornography and chat show, through the so-called" talking points "pumping into profit. At present, the public security organs have been Liu Xiaofeng criminal detention, Liu Xiaoyun and other 6 suspects were detained.

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