DG Xiong Xiaoge’s three dreams

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge

San Francisco in March 16, 2014 at the Stanford University hospital bedside, sad to say goodbye to Xiong Xiaoge Jiangrenleishui, followed 22 years of the IDG founder Mcgovern.

the feeble old man can hardly speak, but to see the flying Xiong Xiaoge vaguely make light of travelling a thousand li, smile on the face, and to gather all your strength, want to be the same as usual and old friends in fine Fig.

at the beginning of December 1991, Xiong Xiaoge returned to Chinese with Mcgovern’s trust, and the establishment of China first Vc firm in Shanghai in 1993. Over the past 21 years, IDG and Baidu, Tencent, and other large investment by the success of the current investment company more than 300, and there are 70 companies successfully listed or through mergers and acquisitions exit.

this 22 years, a total of 130 visits to China, Xiong Xiaoge, accompanied by the reception of the 110 time, Mcgovern. Xiong Xiaoge and Mcgovern work together for more than 22 years, and his father’s time is also longer, this "special relationship" to bid farewell to the feelings of the two are very.

is the special relationship, that dying in bed, he can only say good-bye to Xiong Xiaoge Mcgovern’s "Good News" and love. In the final with 22 minutes, Xiong Xiaoge told Mcgovern this life to create two legends: one is the coverage of publishing, research, venture capital IDG, two is the Brain Science Research Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology set up, he will be the two legends in developing the China.


is Mcgovern support the plight of Xiong Xiaoge, and this is the only and last chance, it was Xiong Xiaoge’s turn to the boss and mentor in life cheer. The dying man goes in Xiong Xiaoge’s mobile phone recording, out of the ward, Xiong Xiaoge from the door curtain gap watching Mcgovern, tears.

3 days later, Mcgovern died.

Xiong Xiaoge can still clearly remember, IDG has just entered the Chinese erected 7 years ago, every year to Chinese tour five or six times Mcgovern, facing an almost blank report "is always calm and. In 2011 Xiong Xiaoge asked why he would bet on a person who had no experience, Mcgovern said with a smile, because you guys dare to take their youth to bet on China’s future.

"and I now look like 22 years ago, the old wheat, try to find and dare to take their own youth gambling enabled future dreamer, a new generation of I and comprehensive requirements (IDG partners)." Xiong Xiaoge said.

from reporter to investment

with a taste of Hunan, plastic Mandarin, always optimistic and cheerful attitude, become Xiong Xiaoge’s unique personal charm label.

Hunan is a big province of entertainment, people living there are positive and optimistic, not inferior to Sichuan. Born in Hunan, Xiangtan

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