Step by step, teach you to judge the value of online advertising

when more and more enterprises to increase the budget on network advertisement, as more and more enterprises have developed by means of rapid development of network marketing, network advertisement has become the majority of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises top priority, but research on some cases by cobra, found a lot of enterprise network advertising strategy and advertising and platform selection, there are many misunderstandings. The new team so we will gradually for online advertising, do a series of studies, we hope to help some enterprise network marketing.

how to do Internet advertising is a involves all aspects of the problem, this paper talk about how to judge a network platform advertising value, just because a pregnant woman related products, visiting friends, chatted online advertising topic, so the cobra with two sites analyzed step by step. A detailed description of the judgment method and steps of network advertisement value:

Comparison of the

website (   daduzi network (; pregnant
comparative advertising position: home banner, the specific location of the figure, the three ad carousel; daduzi inoculation net station banner include all content pages.

comparative advertising price: home banner, three advertisement carousel price is 150 thousand / day. Daduzi inoculation network station, the price is unknown.

analysis steps:
is the world rankings, although the world ranking may be inaccurate, but the site of the site longer, the greater the flow, the higher the ranking, the data more accurate. Two is the study of the

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