The electricity supplier price war attack warning warehouse explosion climax the Jingdong announced

for the upcoming history of the strongest price war climax preheating, electricity supplier resorted to exhaust all the skills. Yesterday, the Jingdong issued a high-profile mall anniversary month (June) during the delivery delay announcement. Overwhelmed by the transparency of the distribution to get consumers to understand, was seen as part of the industry as a service sector Jingdong mall upgrade. In fact, more people in the industry believe that the announcement is Jingdong mall "ulterior motives": Hope announced a high-profile surge in the number of orders, for the upcoming price war climax preheating.

Jingdong announcement connotation rich

in June, the Jingdong to enter the mall anniversary month. Unlike in previous years, the Jingdong in the mall anniversary promotion Normandy "benefits" war started less than a week, issued a notice of delayed delivery. Notice that, since the start of the anniversary, the rapid growth of orders exceeded expectations, bring some pressure for its logistics system. So in the anniversary month period, part of the regional shipment there may be some delay, hope consumers wait patiently.

industry insiders said that Jingdong mall issued delayed delivery notice in addition to play a role, in fact, is a new measure to enhance service. Early release of relevant information, and the electricity in the explosion occurred after the announcement of the delay announcement, is an improvement of the user experience.

insiders said that the major electricity supplier in May to start the history of the strongest price war, the fundamental purpose is to seize the market share in the Jingdong mall 6· 18 big promotion.

in this context, the release of Jingdong mall delivery delay announcement, in addition to the hope that consumers understand, but more importantly, the purpose is to show the order of sales growth in the warm-up phase exceeds the expected growth rate. Meanwhile, the electricity supplier counterparts thunder little rain, the promotion effect is not ideal. Although the price war intensified, but everything is still under the control of Jingdong mall.

service is one of the fundamental

in order to accelerate staking, electricity supplier price war has become the norm, but it is difficult to score. According to Amoy network data released on April, in selling goods price statistics of the major electricity supplier, has 40% products have the price advantage. This figure has been leading in the industry. However, in the industry view, even the lowest price of the whole network, the price advantage of many goods is not obvious.

in the industry view, the price war is just to attract consumers to come in the way, and how consumers buy goods fast, accurate delivery, is the key factor in the development of attention to customers.

distribution efficiency can be increased by

although the major electricity supplier for more attention to the delivery service, but a big promotion stretched its background is still an indisputable fact.

business experts believe that the electricity supplier business from mentioning the service is in the initial stage, currently mostly confined to the subway station, there are still great potential to dig.

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