Rookie network over 1 billion investment in Zhengzhou to build logistics projects Ali said inconveni

Beijing daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) busy around to get the rookie network has a new action. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned yesterday, rookie network will be in Zhengzhou comprehensive bonded area and adjacent to the Xinzheng International Airport to get two place, the construction of a minimum investment of not less than $1 billion logistics projects. This is the second Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, another important logistics node rookie network. So far, the rookie network in a second tier cities have gradually formed the expansion of the context.

Zhengzhou as an important transportation hub, and strive to build so that all regions of China to achieve 24 hours of delivery will be reached, the backbone of the logistics of Ma will not let go. According to reports, the main demands of the rookie network is the land resources and administrative fees and other preferential policies, in the hope of Zhengzhou airport with two sites, one is in the comprehensive logistics in the bonded zone, another is adjacent to the Xinzheng International Airport area. Zhengzhou Airport Management Committee official said in an interview, there is no specific data on the scale of investment, but from the communication with the rookie network situation, the final investment will certainly be far greater than the scale of 1 billion yuan.

Alibaba, Beijing daily news yesterday, told reporters that the matter is still in the negotiation stage, to disclose more details. But in the industry view, Zhengzhou should belong to the two level of logistics network nodes in the rookie network from the scale of investment, Zhengzhou currently has 13 international cargo routes, the main city and 3/5 1.5 hours can be covered China 2/3 population.

in fact, as early as before the rookie network was established, in order to get the Alibaba to cooperate with the local government to start docking. In September last year, Alibaba group chief of staff has said that Alibaba has been in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou to buy three pieces of land for the construction of large storage facilities.

in March this year, the Alibaba group senior vice president Tong Wenhong said the Alibaba and Guangzhou Development Zone signed, spend 6 billion 900 million yuan in Guangzhou Luogang District construction Alibaba Chinese intelligent backbone core nodes in Southern China. In June this year, rookie network and Wuhan municipal government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, investment of 6 billion -80 billion yuan, plans to build new logistics base, regional center, data center, settlement center, research centers and community life.

so far, rookie network has been basically completed in East China, Southern China, North China and central China "card". Business analysis from North Institute believes that the next step may Ali seek suitable locations in the northeast, northwest and Jiancang southeast region, two level logistics network node number of completed investment 1 billion yuan level. Subsequently, the rookie will begin to build complex capillaries.

Chinese logistics and supply chain management of high-end alliance members, supply chain management consulting century Hansen general manager Huang Gang believes that the rookie network is "analysis of the logistics demand, through the internal data for government negotiations to take, warehousing, logistics services providers for construction operators settled" step-by-step expansion. Logistics park only

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