Banks compete in the third party payment market in different ways

in the first quarter of this year, the online payment transaction size of more than 100 billion yuan, more and more market players aimed at the opportunity to pay the market in the third party, in which a share of the soup. Reporters recently learned that the Bank of communications and Industrial Bank and other commercial banks are participating in the third party payment market competition through different ways.

involved in the third party payment scheme for


is currently a wide range of Internet banking merchants pay merchants, covering a comprehensive shopping, travel, games and communications and many other businesses. According to the recommendation of Merchants Bank Pacific direct purchase official website, the company strategic cooperation of third party and bank payment scheme has been approved.

reporter learned that this cooperation not only marks the Pacific direct purchase official website starting from horizontal integration to vertical penetration deeper, more fundamentally found a solution to this industry for a long time only to rely on other means of payment settlement platform website, and has and the Bank of communications jointly launched belongs to the Pacific direct purchase official website exclusive the online payment system of Ping bao. Due to the Bank of communications to support the overseas trade, members of the use of bank debit card traffic through peace reign payment settlement system, can enjoy unlimited consumption, and by Alipay $50 thousand daily limit; in addition the use of bank credit card spending the day up to 5000 – 10000 yuan, the highest amount of consumption at present other bank credit card.

Societe Generale launched online payment platform cross platform

Under the

, the industrial bank online payment interbank clearing platform not only solves the problem of enterprise payment online mall, also has three major advantages: one is to provide reliable guarantee for online transactions. By the Industrial Bank of the payment platform for the construction of bank credit guarantee, with respect to the third party payment platform is more reliable; the two is to provide adequate technical security for online transactions. Safety requirements of online payment, must have sufficient technical and financial support, through the construction of the security and authentication system, the Industrial Bank of professional technology and security trading platform can effectively prevent the online payment information is stolen, to ensure the security of payment information; the three is to provide convenient payment and settlement for online merchants. Interbank payment platform not only simplifies the transaction process of industrial bank construction, provides a quick and safe fund transfer channels for enterprises, and help enterprises to achieve a unified collection of funds, improve the efficiency in the use of funds.

indirect development of a number of banks to pay online shopping

a number of commercial banks through the introduction of electronic banking online mall, indirect expansion of the bank’s online shopping payment business market share. Electronic banking online mall usually have all kinds of online merchants to join, including the operation of digital communication, travel tickets, books audio and home appliances department stores such as online shopping, but the customer is generally limited to use the bank debit card or credit card for final payment, so this mode of operation under the dominance of online payment by bank control. The average online mall is also facing the customer to provide a number of bank online banking payment channels, the platform >

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