The business school from the store Taobao baby optimize these pit to hide away

just over the years, many Taobao stores opened again busy. The first thing is to start, of course, re optimization in the sale of the baby, whether it is selling, or unsalable. New year new weather.

is only in the baby optimization, there are some pits must be avoided. If accidentally stepped on the pit, no beginning or small, if Taobao down the right punishment, and it is not wrong.

first thing to note is that the baby does not change too much frequency optimization. In principle, within 24 hours can not be more than 2 times. Because of a short period of time to make frequent changes, Taobao will think you are in the baby, this is to be punished by the right to Taobao.


if you need to optimize the baby more, it is best not to directly edit backstage at the Taobao, can use third party tools, such as the business school from the store. The owner can be repeatedly modified to store baby in the clouds pass, until satisfied. After all the baby optimization is completed, you can bulk upload to Taobao shop, replace the original merchandise, so you can avoid being punished Taobao.


addition, the optimization of the title of the baby, do not modify too many words each time, it is best not more than 3. And must not be able to move those large flow, high conversion rate of the word.

for those who already have a certain amount of flow of the baby, if the owner needs to replace the main map. You can store in first pass, the main figure in the second position need to change. After 24 hours in the first. To do so is to avoid being judged Taobao baby and suffered punishment.


and the price of the baby, do not be too frequent changes. Frequent changes in prices will also be Taobao down the right. Not to change the price of iron, right down, not negotiable.

another casual modification will lead to the right to drop the pit is the property of the word. Because attribute words directly affect the Taobao search engine to judge you, the owner can get much traffic, it depends on, so must be accurate, but when the baby is uploaded to confirm the good, if not necessary, do not change, or it may be illegal to determine Taobao.

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