Baidu battles High German deeper factor is the fear behind Ali

recently, Baidu High German war again, no less than a few months ago, the smell of gunpowder navigation free combat. You attack me to a few back and forth, the two sides not anxious.

yes, the focus of Baidu and high moral struggle is the main entrance of the dispute of navigation map, and the recent acquisition of public comment came Baidu voice again deepen public opinion on the Baidu LBS+O2O layout concerns. In fact, the deeper, the Baidu with high moral war, can be said to Ali sniper war.

will take Baidu blocking Ali High German

rival, Baidu and the contradiction between High German inevitable. Before Ali investment in High German, two at peace, but after Ali High German shares, competitive relationship between the two sides quickly upgraded to a new strategic height, and navigation Free Race let both sides of the conflict completely broke.

integrated data from a number of research institutions, Baidu and High German mobile phone map market share, High German has been far ahead, and it has been known in the field of professional. For Baidu in this business with ALI, a relatively high and low, before it is only in Ali no absolute advantages given to check, this is a way to choose Baidu.

Baidu in the layout of the mobile terminal, compared to Ali and Tencent to much worse. Its mobile phone map business is still relatively take the shot. So, in order to get a firm foothold in the mobile Internet market, Baidu, it is only out of this map Baidu mobile phone card.

Ali ordered layout Baidu limited time

LBS+O2O mode is not copied, not too strong to break, but the copy will break behind + strong resistance. Ali itself has a strong O2O resources, an investment group and Ding Ding, Ali own Taobao local life, Taobao, Juhuasuan, Taobao and other little travel have very strong local life service business resources, and high moral map as navigation terminal applications with LBS services, responsible for providing front user oriented service for ali. Imagine a portfolio model so powerful, Baidu to move, how easy to


let’s take a look at Ali’s map business. In the mobile phone map and navigation, Ali is responsible for the investment of $294 million high German holding a share of $28%, in addition to send Cai Chongxin and Wu Yongming served as director of High German High German side in the mobile terminal development. Cai Chongxin as the core of the veteran Ali High German board is in the cheer for the High German, Ali wireless CEO Wu Yongming is coming to Ali and High German business docking, the High German participation in the Tmall dual eleven activities is a positive attempt.

Ali will be assured that the mobile phone map and navigation market to take care of the High German, and their own focus on the development of the local life market (probably idle up recently began to contact), which allows Ali to save a lot of things. On the one hand, Baidu is busy in the mobile phone map and navigation terminal and High German compete on the one hand, we have to start to develop the local life service market.


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