EBay mobile counter attack against Amazon

daily economic news reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

yesterday (January 17th), eBay announced in the fourth quarter of 2012 results show that during the reporting period eBay revenue of $3 billion 990 million, an increase of 18%, strong performance. It is noteworthy that the transformation of eBay in the mobile layout is very successful, 1/3 of the bill is triggered by the mobile platform".

is the transformation of the recent success in the mobile based consulting firm BGCFinancial research director Colin · Gillies said: "maybe eBay’s market value will one day more than amazon."

continued eBay and Amazon electricity supplier in the market competition for many years, although the overall performance of the Amazon prevailed, but in the mobile market eBay grab the opportunity, in 2013 the two sides will start fighting in the mobile market." E-commerce analyst Wang Liyang on the daily economic news reporter said.

is regarded as the first choice of electricity supplier investment /

eBay released in the fourth quarter of 2012 performance data, slightly better than Wall Street expected.

by the results of good effect, eBay shares rose 1.7% yesterday, rushed to $53.80. In fact, this week before the earnings release, Wall Street is generally optimistic about the eBay quarter earnings.

eBay is the first choice to invest in e-commerce in 2013." Gillis believes that both eBay and PayPal hit a new high during the holiday season. Company stock is the first choice for our investment."

eBay Gillies outstanding performance recently due to the site in October 2012 revised, and he was full of praise for the eBay in the mobile layout adjustment.

for such praise, eBay also no disguise to say that 1/3 of the bill by the mobile platform trigger". EBayCEO John · Donaho (JohnDonahoeeBay) said in an interview, "eBay is the mobile commerce and payments industry leader in the fourth quarter of mobile phone online shopping turnover of $13 billion, mobile payments totaling $14 billion, with 120 million downloads, we have created a mobile revolution, and the change of people’s consumption way."

at the beginning of last year, eBay is expected in 2012 in the mobile phone market turnover of up to $8 billion, the result is far more than the beginning of the expected." E-commerce analyst Wang Liyang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, first of all, the development environment and the rapid rise of the mobile terminal and the mobile Internet is proportional; secondly, the global e-commerce market is becoming more and more mature, consumer acceptance of mobile shopping is more and more high, the future of the mobile terminal will become the main battlefield of the business enterprise competition the.


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