Electricity providers an open platform more imaginative suning.com or a successful transition

is now in the business circle there are two kinds of different philosophy, one is to establish a free business circle, whether logistics or commodities are arranged a business, such as where the customer and vip.com, another electricity supplier operating concept is open business platform, which are mainly Amoy Baotian cat, Taobao Tmall provide technical service platform and drainage work, by the Commission to make a profit, if more sellers, then Tmall will earn more, and this form has been proved very profitable effect.

relative to the first brand of its own business operation mode, although to maximize profits, but because a lot of work to do, so business is very difficult to save energy, so in the face of some open platform competition, it is easy to disadvantaged groups, Taobao is Tmall’s success, as well as for Jingdong suning.com began last threshold have wanted to open up an open platform, and compared with the Jingdong, suning.com apparently is the bright younger generation but also than the Jingdong, one step ahead.

Su Ninghong child open platform has been testing

when the Jingdong is still tangled is not to do a completely open platform, suning.com has added to the open platform at top speed in the competition, but suning.com also played his own cleverness, chose the maternal and child class vertical industry products as an open platform, the product will do fine, so this way can compete effectively avoid and other electronic business platform, and the industry itself profit rate is higher, while the first entry of the industry, will produce more preemptive advantage, so after the Su Ninghong children on-line testing of the news release, reflected in the Su ningyun shares also rose, many domestic consumers that is continued good for suning.com transformation.

open platform is not necessarily to be a lot of shaking Qian Shu, want to know what the Taobao Tmall also began to enter the operation bottleneck, both from the drainage capacity or from the business expansion has suffered a bottleneck, Taobao Tmall in order to drainage into the system can be controlled within the scope of their announcement, and other competition the opponent refused to cooperate, so that many sellers lost the opportunity to get more traffic, while at the same time open platform more and more businesses, will greatly reduce the regulatory control platform, Tmall also announced that Taobao now to control the number of businesses, which illustrates platform operation difficult.

sellers into a diversified open platform into the development trend

A bottleneck of

open platform business will encounter some of the vertical development, on the other hand the industry open platform will continue to produce, after all, in some segments of the industry open platform now have a great opportunity, suning.com and Jingdong are in the open field, and these areas have attracted the opening set up shop in Taobao Tmall big sellers, in their eyes, want their products to be on a large scale was sold out, and enjoy the traffic services and various technical service, the key is to open some new business.

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