Tmall pharmaceutical sales in the first half of 2 billion 200 million sales ranking full exposure

news July 16th, billion state power network learned the day before Tmall statistics Medicine Museum for the first half of the sales data, according to statistics, as of the end of June, Tmall Medical Museum of medical, OTC pharmaceuticals, health supplies, health supplies, medical services in five categories completed a total sales of 2 billion 200 million yuan.

in the five category, accounting for the largest share of sales for medical equipment up to 4, followed by OTC pharmaceutical nearly 3.

it is reported that as of the end of June, get online pharmacy license a total of 314 enterprises, while in the first half of the 44 new Tmall, in addition, according to statistics, 194 companies have opened the official flagship store in Tmall, accounted for 61.98%. In this regard, Tmall based on the purpose of the sale of all kinds of rankings. Among them, in the medical category, blood pressure and blood glucose instrument activities two sub industry sales in the first half of the highest proportion, respectively 22.32% and 20.7%.

is the following medical device sales ranking:


The following

for medical equipment sales ranking key category:


below is the OTC drug sales ranking:


according to the above ranking can be learned in the OTC drug category, replenishing the largest share of the industry is a sedative, followed by rheumatoid bone trauma and stomach medicine, three sub sectors accounted for 54.51% of the market share. In the category of health supplies, health care products industry sales to occupy the entire family planning supplies category 50.99% of sales.

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