Jingdong on-line online banking wallet will integrate shopping investment credit business

March 7th, Jingdong financial on-line online banking wallet". The future through the online banking wallet, Jingdong users shopping payment, capital management, consumer credit, investment banking will be integrated in the online banking wallet.

, according to Jingdong, online banking wallet is to achieve a variety of financial products based on the function of financial accounts, but also an independent market oriented third party payment products.

online banking wallet responsible person, compared with the traditional third party payment instruments simple payment and settlement functions, online banking wallet is also constantly expanding new application scenarios. Online banking wallet in the process of expanding the application scene, relying on online banking online payment license qualifications.

online scenarios, online banking wallet will help Jingdong e-commerce distribution system POS receiving system, while online banking online will also expand the Jingdong outside the POS acquiring merchants, and various types of business cooperation. In addition, online banking wallet will integrate different payment application scenarios.

it is understood that online banking wallet will be the first to serve more than 100 million users of Jingdong, at the individual user level, the account system will focus on the business of Jingdong’s own. As before the release of the Jingdong ". Online banking wallet Enterprise Edition, mainly for corporate customers to provide settlement and payment services. There are already a large number of POP companies in the use of online banking wallet Enterprise Edition products. Online banking wallet mobile version will be formally launched on March 18th. (end)

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